“I Was Willing to Give Anything A Go”, Retailer on Selling Via Amazon

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In anticipation of Amazon's Seller Academy, we talk to one of the company's sellers, Bendigo Gaming Tech, to see whether adopting a marketplace approach has proven fruitful for the brand.

Tyler Swann, the owner of Bendigo Gaming Tech, was willing to try anything to get his business off the ground when he received a call from Amazon after the global marketplace launched its Australian offering in December 2017.

Swann started his business after he decided he wanted to enter the local retail market with a product he loved – computers. “I have been fascinated with computers and technology since I got my first computer in 1986… Having an online retail business allows me to fulfil this passion,” he says.

“Bendigo Gaming Tech specialises in the niche of Gaming PCs, Peripherals and other techs such as drones. I basically sell all the things that I love so that I can share this passion with others and help people out as much as I can. If I can’t help someone, it really eats me up!”

While Swann was passionate about his business from the get-go, as a small online retailer, he soon realised that getting the traction he needed was a difficult process.

“As a newbie to small business the challenges are endless, however building traction with a customer base and getting the brand out there has been by far the biggest challenge,” he explains.

“Customers don’t come knocking at your door just because you have a website with stuff for sale. The real work is in finding a way to connect with these people when you’re on the other side of a computer monitor. Finding a way to let them know you are a real person who loves all this tech stuff and just wants to help them.

What did he do to try and overcome this hurdle? According to Swann, he took a phone call from Amazon Australia.

“I was at a point where I hadn’t found customers and was willing to give anything a go,” he says. “It has proved to be a positive move.”

So far, the experience has been enlightening for the computer retailer. He says it has been “one of excitement and learning”, and that the “ROI is definitely there”.

Tyler Swann with an Amazon representative.

Since launching on the platform, Swann has taken some time to get used to it, how it works and how to get the most out of being an Amazon seller, something which he believes has given him the chance to grow his business in the local market.

“Every new situation presents a challenge. On Amazon, these have included figuring out how to stand out from the crowd. [But], if you jump in, get your hands dirty and understand that you’re not alone… Amazon offers tremendous support for its resellers, not to mention the access you get to the strong community of sellers who can be a great help,” he says.

According to Swann, while standing out from the crowd within the Amazon marketplace, and in the overall e-commerce market is one of the biggest challenges new brands face, it’s also one of the biggest opportunities for retailers.

“[On Amazon], it’s possible to get the exposure that was previously only available to the big national sized companies.”

Moving forward, Swann hopes that selling on Amazon will help his brand gain the exposure it needs so he can quit his day job and pursue his online retail dreams full-time.

“What I love most about the online retail space is the flexibility it provides to run your own business in almost any way you like and the potential to put yourself in front of literally millions of people in an instant. That’s exciting and that’s opportunity.”

Bendigo Gaming Tech is one of many Amazon sellers attending the Amazon Seller Academy, which will be held today (Thursday March 28) at the Melbourne Convention Centre. The event will see Amazon host 500 Australian sellers with key speakers including Rocco Braeunigar, the country manager of Amazon Australia and Fabio Bertola, the head of Amazon marketplace.

Speaking to Power Retail in the lead up to the event, Bertola said that Australian Amazon sellers have seen an uplift in brand awareness and sales, particularly those who have shifted to Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA).

“We launched our Marketplace and Retail offering in December of 2017 and just a few months later we launched the Fulfilment By Amazon service, which has proved to be a great success for sellers wanting to access Amazon’s logistics expertise.  Sellers who move their products to FBA see an average uplift of more than 25% in sales, with all FBA products automatically Prime-eligible and benefitting from improved delivery experiences for customers,” he says.

“Globally, products from sellers make up more than half of units sold in our stores. We invest heavily to help sellers accelerate their businesses, and work hard to make our store a great place for brands.

“This is just the beginning for what the Marketplace can do in Australia. In fact, we often say at Amazon, it is only Day one, and we’re just getting started.”

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