Ikea Pledges Environmental Goals While Amazon Faces Waste Scandal

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While retailers such as Ikea have been busy taking steps to ensure a ‘greener’ future, one of the world’s largest online retailers has allegedly been throwing away useable products, along with large volumes of waste.

Ikea recently announced that it will be working towards only using renewable and recycled materials in its products, as part of its pledge to improve the businesses environmental practices by 2030.

In a statement released on Thursday, company representatives said Ikea is focused on “drastically reducing the climate footprint of products and operations in absolute terms”.

“Climate change is no longer a distant threat, but a visible reality,” the statement said. “It’s one of the biggest challenges that humanity faces.”

As part of its environmental pledge, the company is also aiming to reduce more greenhouse gases than its retail chain emits by 2030. To achieve this goal, Ikea will reportedly be working with suppliers to reduce emissions, while also capturing and storing carbon for practical uses.

However, while retailers like Ikea have been making plans to improve practices in-line with refined environmental goals, spectators have started to question Amazon’s business ethics, after reports have surfaced accusing the business of throwing away useable products in bulk.

According to German television show, Frontal21 and magazine, WirtschaftsWoche, The European branch of the e-commerce giant’s operations have been destroying returned goods on a large scale, regardless of whether or not the products are actually faulty.

The two German media outlets have accused Amazon of destroying whitegoods, smartphones, tablets, mattresses, and furniture, citing employees as their sources. Several employees reportedly told the media outlets that the company regularly destroys thousands of euros worth of goods on a daily basis, with a lot of the goods being brand new and in working condition.

The State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature, Conservation and Nuclear Safety in Germany, Jochen Flasbarth has urged Amazon to clarify the allegations.

“This is a huge scandal because this way we are using up our resources, while there are many problems in the world. I’m convinced that many consumers are shocked by such behaviours and won’t accept it,” Flasbarth told the German media in a statement.

Amazon has reportedly responded to the investigation into its waste practices, saying it works every day to minimise the number of products being destroyed. No comment has been made by Amazon as to whether the accusations made against the company are true.

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