Was This the Biggest Click Frenzy Ever?

Power Retail By Power Retail | 22 May 2020

Click Frenzy Mayhem may just be the biggest one yet, thanks partly to the online boom as a result of the pandemic. So, was it the biggest yet, and how does it impact retailers?

Kicking off on Tuesday at 7:00 PM and ending at midnight on Thursday this week, Click Frenzy smashed records and created an uplift for retailers across the country.

According to Power Retail benchmarking data, participating retailers experienced an average revenue uplift of 177 percent and 169 percent in the first two days of Click Frenzy Mayhem.

This year’s event wasn’t just about online shopping, it had a specific theme to help Aussie retailers regrow. 2020 is the toughest year for Australians, due to the severe bushfire season and COVID-19 outbreak. In the first five months of the year, the country has experienced more battles than ever.

The ‘Let’s Regrow’ theme allowed participating retailers a ‘no-strings-attached’ stimulus package for advertising on the site.

While April has seen the roughest figures for retail, online accounted for ten percent of all retail sales in the same month. Online has been the shining light during these tough times, and Click Frenzy may have helped bolster it even further.

“Click Frenzy’s Mayhem 2020 event has smashed all records, already exceeding last year’s total clicks by 70% with plenty of time left in the event,” said David Fear, Head of Analytics at Power Retail.

“Using Power Retail’s benchmarking, we can see that Click Frenzy participants are experiencing huge uplift in revenue, over 170% increases on average.”

Click Frenzy has experienced a huge influx of popularity this year – traffic was 70 percent higher than the same event in 2019, with a peak of 165,000 concurrent visitors on the site.

Retailers that participated with Click Frenzy experienced significant conversation rate uplift and jumps in traffic.

“I also enjoy seeing the impact on Conversion Rate and on different channels as the buzz from this Click Frenzy event that’s evident in our benchmarking tool,” said Fear. “More than anything though, it’s great to see these results in a time of great need for retail.”

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5 thoughts on “Was This the Biggest Click Frenzy Ever?”

  1. Rebecca Troman says:

    First time I decided to participate in the Go Nuts portion of this event. Not aware if I was successful there but plenty of other bargains to score though. I expected a site crash but the missing pop ups and either no or sporadic unsuccessful emails were not a positive for your IT department. Questions were a little ambiguous and I’ve heard of people hacking the system. However, your marketing was brilliant and I’m sure the event was a retail boom, exactly what was needed at this time. Thanks for your time and effort.

  2. Lulu says:

    There was issues from the start, the website wouldn’t let majority on, continued saying incorrect login. This led to MULTIPLE people missing the deals, pop ups wouldn’t show up for many people. One of the pop up answers were based off a live video where the live started AFTER the pop up and took a couple of minutes to even show. Now you leave everyone frustrated not knowing if they’ve won or not. Just take a look at your Facebook for click frenzy. NO ONE IS HAPPY and it looks like you’ll be losing a lot of people!

  3. Faldo says:

    Severely disappointed with this years click frenzy, I don’t understand how you’re giving yourselves a pat on the back for it. You cheated thousands of people from prizes they most definitely would have won, most likely because of the lack of items truly up to win. Not to mention the lack of peace of mind every participant had to stress about 24 hours after the deals because you were too lazy to send emails. Never participating with any of your events ever again.

  4. Gav Milne says:

    Click Frenzy this time round was rubbish. Yes I bought items but as other have stated the login into my account just didn’t work. Had to use another method which as best was frustrating. Then certain websites did not load up and when they did price and discount changes were made when finally websites were operating. I also found better deals elsewhere but the most disappointing this game about click frenzy not once did I ever see a pop up regarding $12.00 iPhones or $4.00 PlayStations or something like this. I spent a lot of hours going through click frenzy as since I had money to spend I thought this event would be the best. Sorry no where near it. I am not suggesting of false advertisements here just the fact I never saw what was been advertised after spending hours on the website. Mind you I was price checking which explains the reason why I spent a long time on click frenzy and it was at different times of the day and night and I still never saw these $12.00 iPhone popups etc. A marketing strategy to get people in but sorry Click Frenzy never did what was advertised even after buying. Next time I’m leaving it alone going elsewhere.

  5. Lauren says:

    my girlfriend and I sat on Click frenzy for 3 days and entered every single goughnuts promotion that we were offered neither of us one of us one of thing we were both entering competitions within 20-30 seconds of the pop-up never receiving anything. Curious to know if anyone has ever won

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