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Why MANRAGS is Rebranding to UPPAREL

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By Published On: October 14, 20200 Comments

Australian sustainable retailer, Manrags, is undergoing a rebrand as it solidifies its place within the industry, with a new name - UPPAREL. 

The retailer started out as a men’s subscription company in 2016. In 2019, Co-Founders, Tina and Michael Elias’ knowledge of the industry expanded and were ‘blown away by the amount of textile waste, at a mass production and mass disposal level’.

In September 2019, the pair pivoted to a D2C textile recycling scheme. For $25, consumers can leave up to 10kg of textiles, in any condition, and have it collected from their doorstep. The $25 is then redeemed as a credit on the site.

Manrags’ team has since has doubled in size, with a capital raise of $750,000. To date, the retailer has prevented over 100,000kgs of textile from hitting the landfill.

Unafraid to pivot when necessary, Manrags is now ready for its next transformation to Upparel.

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“Good bye MANRAGS and hello UPPAREL,” Michael Elias shared on LinkedIn.”Bittersweet putting MANRAGS to bed but with evolution come some big changes.”

The name change is more than just a play on words, it ‘signifies the journey of the brand’.

“Last year we pulled our socks UP to make a positive impact on textile waste,”  Elias explained. “Today, for every product we produce we divert 10 from going into landfill. We stepped it up this year and in a few short months have diverted over one million textiles from landfill.”

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  1. Paul Thomson October 15, 2020 at 1:09 PM - Reply

    Well done Michael and Tina, your work so far has validated your progress. Good luck with the next phase. Hopefully we can continue to be part of it – saving textiles from landfill is a truly great exercise. Paul Thomson ( on behalf of Brighton Grammar School)

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