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Although not all Aussies are incredibly tech-savvy, it's safe to say that many have spent some time figuring out the best smartphone, home automation device or finding the perfect laptop for their work.

The new Shopper Profile Report by Power Retail aims to dive into the mind of those small tech and device shoppers, to help retailers understand what makes an online shopper tick.

What is the Small Technology and Device Shopper?

A small technology and device shopper isn’t always the most tech-savvy online customer. “We’re talking smartphones, computer accessories, drones, cameras, Bluetooth speakers, smart home devices … the list goes on and on,” explained Mark Fletcher, the Insights Manager at Power Retail. “It’s a highly-priced, competitive category with literally millions of SKUs and sellers.”

Of all online shoppers, according to the report, seven per cent make up the small tech and device category. This is a substantial market, and many of these shoppers make a purchase while they’re doing nothing else. Twenty-eight per cent of shoppers browse online when they’re in bed, and 23 per cent do this while they’re watching TV. “Public transport, work breaks and even toilet breaks are all apparently excellent times to shop,” said Mr Fletcher.

According to the report, the average basket size for an online order is 1.7 items, with 40 per cent of shoppers making their purchase via an online-only retailer.

What Do Shoppers Want?

Retailers know what customers like, but do they understand what customers actually want? As you might expect, BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later) is very attractive for shoppers buying in the Small Tech & Gadget category. This is because the average basket size that customers would have before considering a BNPL purchase is $905 – an amount that a shopper can easily reach when they’re shopping for small tech or gadgets.

“So, it’s not surprising that nearly one in four have used it multiple time. Simply put, it would be a brave online retailer who didn’t offer BNPL on small technology and devices,” explained Mr Fletcher.

Are Shoppers Still Influenced by Social Media?

For years, influencers and their social impact on online shoppers have varied greatly between categories. Although beauty influencers may not have quite the same influence that they used to, due to scandals and false advertising, small tech and gadget influencers have never looked better.

On average, an online shopper follows 2.6 influencers on social media, with 64 per cent of those being followed on Facebook and 47 per cent coming from Instagram. Of course, many people follow a boat-load of influencers, but do they actually inspire a purchase? “Yes again,” said Mark Fletcher. “In fact, on average small technology and device shoppers plan to buy three things a month that they learned about from influencers on social media. And that also might be something for online retailers to consider.”

Are Those Who Buy Tech Actually Into Tech?

Not necessarily – those who buy clothes aren’t all fashion connoisseurs. Although many shoppers won’t trawl the internet for the specs of the latest phone (although many do), they will compare prices and quality across varying channels. According to the report, 31 per cent of online shoppers have downloaded at least one retail app onto their phone. So, what do they use these apps for? Most of the online shoppers (54 per cent) use them for price checking, and 44 per cent use them for actually making a purchase. “We found that only 17 per cent don’t have any retailer apps and just over have three or more apps,” Mark Fletcher explained.

All retailers who sell small technology and devices will find this report intrinsically linked to their research, so don’t miss out when the latest Shopper Profile Report comes out – exclusively on Power Retail. If you’re interested in hearing more about the report from Mark Fletcher, be sure to tune in to the full podcast, which you can find below.

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