A Case for Quirk: Webstores with a Niche

Power Retail’s shortlist of niche sites, representing the best examples we’ve found from the world of weird and wacky webstores.

We look at a lot of online shopping businesses at Power Retail. Some of the websites we see are well-built, some are poor. Sometimes we stumble across a webstore that really strikes us as weird, wacky or just unbelievably unique.

Here’s a shortlist of some of the more ‘niche’ online stores we have come across:

Jase’s Books

Online store sells hand-bound leather journals.

Jase’s Books sells hand-bound leather journals and albums.

This online store is beating the trends by selling physical books online – move over Amazon and your rock-bottom e-book prices! Jase’s books don’t even include content, that’s for you to provide. The website advertises a collection of hand-bound, gothic parchment journals, grimoires, diaries and albums.

Gem Rock Auctions

This site hosts auctions on precious stones and fossils.

Gem Rock Auctions sells precious stones, semi precious stones and fossils.

Looking for precious stones at wholesale prices? Find auction listings for cut stones, rough stones and fossils here. The site was ‘spun out’ of a specialist opal business started by Wayne and Estela Sedawie in Perth. The success of their business on eBay led them to start up Gem Rock Auctions.

Bone Clones

Bone Clones Smilodon skull replica

Bone Clones provide replica bones and fossils via its online store.

After some macabre decorations for your home? Hankering for a hominid fossil skull but can’t afford the private collection price tag? Not to fear, head over to the Bone Clones website and pick up a replica. This site has a whole range of faux-bones and replica fossils available for sale.

Kite Power

Kite Power supplies anything related to kite sports.

The family owned Kite Sports provides gear for any kite-related sport.

For all your wind-harnessing needs. This webstore is dedicated to everything and anything to do with kite-related sports. Kites, gear, clothing and instructional videos are all available via this shop. Founded by Stephen McCormack, Kite Power is a family-owned business that began with a Geelong store eleven years ago.

Berkelouw Books

Berkelouw Books sells rare and antiquarian books online.

Berkelouw Books sells rare and antiquarian books online.

These books do come supplied with text but they aren’t necessarily the cheapest around. Berkelouw Books is a store dedicated to providing consumers with rare and antiquarian books. With quite a comprehensive e-catalogue of books, a business history that began in 1812 in Holland and has remained with the Berkelouw family since then, this company is older than more than a few of the titles it stocks.

Mac’s Taxidermy

Product descriptions with pictures of boar heads from Mac's Taxidermy.

Taxidermy boar heads from Mac’s Taxidermy

Sometimes the thrill of the hunt doesn’t result in the satisfaction of gunning down poor, defenceless wildlife. Next time you fail to bag a buck on your slaying safari, check in at Mac’s Taxidermy to pick up a substitute. This US site features a whole host of stuffed wildlife for those who prefer the more grisly (or is that grizzly) style of decor.


Sheds4Less sells garden sheds via its online store.

You can even get your garden shed online with Sheds4Less

The true online shopaholic will quickly run out of places to store all the goodies they’ve purchased, especially once you include the replica Elephant bird fossil skeleton and full-size taxidermy moose. Ensure you check out Sheds4Less before your animal remains arrive. This store provides all the backyard storage you need – delivered.

Garden Gnome World

There's no better way to decorate your back yard.

Some people think gnomes are old hat – try telling that to Garden Gnome World.

Some online stores aren’t for everyone. However, that can’t be said of Garden Gnome World, where you can find a large selection of garden gnomes in a variety of styles. Your new garden shed wouldn’t be complete without a Haddock the Swordsman Gnome standing guard.

So that’s our shortlist of weird and wonderful webstores. Have you seen others? Let us know in the comments section below.



2 thoughts on “A Case for Quirk: Webstores with a Niche”

  1. Daniel says:

    So, a shed store is unique?

  2. Adrian says:

    As a pureplay online store, I would say yes Daniel.

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