Kathmandu is ‘Turning Over a New Leaf’ with Major Rebrand

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For the first time in its 30 year history, Kathmandu is heading in a new brand direction.

This new branding is aligned with its re-issued purpose: to improve the wellbeing of the world through the outdoors.

This massive change coincides with its newly released product range that reflects the new branding. The retailer, which is B-Corp certified, will also introduce charity partnerships and a ‘major integrated’ brand launch campaign.

“At Kathmandu, we’ve always believed outside is where we live our best lives,” said Reuben Casey, the CEO of Kathmandu. “From the first EcoFleece we designed 30 years ago, we’ve always been an ethical, sustainable brand that cares about getting people out there in nature.”

Reuben Casey, CEO of Kathmandu | via Kathmandu

What’s the reason behind this rebrand? The strategy commenced prior to the pandemic, and under the vision of Casey, saw the appointment of Robert Fry as GM of product and Eva Barrett as Chief Customer Officer. The new brand imagery is fresh, exciting and invigorating – with bright colours, infectious smiles, and of course, plenty of outdoor imagery.

“Our product range is evolving to be more colourful and vibrant, to suit our customers who are experiencing a renewed sense of freedom and joy post lockdown,” said Fry about the re-brand. “Just like how being in nature positively affects our brain chemistry and sense of well-being, so does being exposed to colour. Colour has the ability to lift our spirits, alter our mood, and energise us in ways that nothing else can.”

This new image and branding also aim to represent the ‘spirit’ and ‘attitude’ of the retailer, explained Barrett. “Kathmandu has always known that being outdoors is transformative. Science has shown that it changes our brains for the better. “When we spend time out there our stress goes down, our empathy goes up and we become more creative and happier. That means we act differently. Nature makes us more happy and open and free and fun. It’s a beautiful truth that Kathmandu wants to celebrate.”

In honour of the rebrand, Kathmandu is also introducing flexible working hours and ‘Fri-YAYs’, which allow staff to start work at a later time, or knock-off early on Fridays.

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