Key Takeaways from BigCommerce’s 2023 Customer Experience Report: What Online Shoppers Want from Brands

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We identified three key strategies for retailers to meet — and exceed — shopper expectations going into peak season from BigCommerce’s 2023 Customer Experience Report: What Online Shoppers Want from Brands.

It’s easy to presume you know what customers want from your brand, but BigCommerce’s 2023 Customer Experience Report: What Online Shoppers Want from Brands offers insights into real customer expectations for online retail experiences in 2023 and beyond.

So, what do customers want from brands? We’ve compiled the key takeaways from Bigcommerce’s recent report to help you meet — and exceed — shopper expectations going into peak season. 

Quick, intuitive buying journeys are a must

Customers not only want, but now expect intuitive, quick, and efficient ecommerce buying journeys and online experiences. 

Filters, predictive search and product recommendations top the list of what online shoppers want from ecommerce retailers. 54 percent of shoppers surveyed believe product filters are the most helpful website feature when looking for products online. 

Keep your site intuitive and easy to navigate. Having too many features and steps can actually slow down your site and the buying process which can deter customers and drive them to the competition. The report found that 79 percent of shoppers are likely or very likely to leave and purchase from a competitor if a retailer’s website is too slow, and this number has remained steady in the past three years of research. 

While the data in the report reveals real-time updates showing what other shoppers bought are noticed by 86 percent of customers, this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s an effective feature for conversion. In fact, just 11 percent of shoppers are actually encouraged to make a purchase by these pop-ups. 

Email is still a key conversion driver

Make the most of your database. Emails are 4.5 times more effective to convert customers than social media even as people browse social media all day every day. The personal touch is what contributes to this being the most effective outbound marketing channel. The data shows that 36 percent of customers made a purchase after receiving an email.

90 percent of customers receive a follow-up email after an abandoned cart. These types of emails can be utilised to further convert up to a third of customers when offered a discount or incentive to complete a purchase — an opportunity that only a third of retailers are cashing in on.  

With SMS scammers making delivery updates unreliable in that medium, 51 percent of customers prefer receiving delivery updates through email. Australians lost over $24.6 million in 2022 to SMS phishing scams, reports the ACCC with one of the most popular scams being a parcel tracking link SMS. As a result, the amount of customers who prefer SMS delivery updates is steadily declining by 5 percent each year as these scams increase. 

Authentic product reviews are increasingly important

Product reviews contain valuable data for your brand. They enable you to get feedback directly from a consumer, and 55 percent of consumers are more likely to review a product just from simply receiving an email from a retailer asking for their input. This is a huge opportunity brands are missing out on, as another 55 percent of shoppers say they didn’t even receive an email request to review products after their most recent online purchase. 

Reviews are just as important for customers in their shopping journey. Seeing authentic feedback from their peers can really encourage a shopper to make a purchase. The report reveals that 75 percent of shoppers check reviews before making a purchase, with 17 percent looking at one to five different reviews, and 15 percent reading ten or more. 

The most influential factor in reviews is a large amount of detail with over 71 percent of shoppers choosing that as their top priority. While fake reviews may seem like an easy solution for conversion, only 24 percent actually want to see only positive reviews. Shoppers are looking for authenticity with 66 percent seeking a mix of positive and negative reviews to inform their decision. 

Find out everything you need to know about customer expectations in BigCommerce’s 2023 Customer Experience Report:  What Online Shoppers Want from Brands, available to download for free here.

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