Koala Adopts Headless Commerce as Online Sales Skyrocket

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Koala is partnering with commercetools to adopt a headless commerce platform, to driver further growth, flexibility and global expansion.

Headless commerce has been gaining traction within the retail circle for a few years, and now Australian retailers are lining up to implement it.

Koala, the Australian pureplay mattress retailer, is joining the likes of Kmart and Cargo Crew by onboarding a headless commerce platform as it accelerates its online growth.

Using commercetools, which launched in Australia in March 2020, the retailer is planning its global expansion, and required a flexible platform to help it scale and improve its end-to-end UX.

“Koala undertook a search for an ecommerce platform that could meet a core set of objectives – ideally it would be modular, extensible and based on a headless, microservices architecture, but what stood out for Koala was commercetools’ API extensions, GraphQL coverage, scalability of the platform and flexibility around the data model,” explained Geoff Kwan, the VP of Digital Product and Technology at Koala.

“We were also impressed with the way commercetools could fit and integrate with Koala’s infrastructure, system environments and business applications, allowing us to create a class-leading e-com experience,” he said.

The increasing expectations of same-day delivery have sky-rocketed as a result of recent online adoption. As such, the need for a flexible and scalable e-commerce platform is imperative to sustain further growth and remain reliable.

“It’s been widely accepted that COVID has accelerated the transformation in the way consumers engage with brands across various channels, and the same is true for the methods in which products are delivered to consumers,” explained Joshua Emblin, the territory Director APAC for commercetools.

“Consumers’ expectations will only continue to change – as an example, things like same-day delivery and additional services increasingly included with online transactions – and we look forward to helping businesses meet those expectations head-on and with ease,” he said.

The need for an agile, scalable and flexible platform is increasingly more important amongst some of the biggest online retailers. Kmart partnered with commercetools in December 2020 to further innovate and drive its online sales.

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