“A Higher Demand than Usual” – Kogan’s Response to COVID-19

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Online marketplaces are increasingly becoming one of the most popular platforms for retailers to sell their goods. We sat down with Kogan to discuss the impact of the outbreak on the marketplace.

Kogan is currently experiencing high volumes of orders, its site says. During the COVID-19 outbreak, many Australians are turning to online shopping in an effort to get essentials.

“We’re experiencing higher demand than usual across a wide selection of products,” said a spokesperson for Kogan, “We are working closely with our suppliers and partners to ensure that Australians can access essential goods and services in this time of crisis.”

While the marketplace stays open for business, the retailer is following strict regulations to ensure safety for its warehouse, office and customers.

“Our warehouses continue to follow all government directions and remain fully functioning with additional shifts to help serve the increased demand,” the spokesperson told Power Retail. “Stringent safety precautions are being taken at warehouses to minimise risk to warehouse staff. Warehouses and logistics are critical infrastructures to ensure that Australians can gain access to the goods they need.”

Just like many other retailers, Kogan relies on international trade partners from China for its stock. As such, there have been a few shortages and delays that have set Kogan back. “Most consumer goods sold in Australia are manufactured in China, and this is the case for goods sold on too,” the retailer told Power Retail.

Despite these setbacks, the retailer is pushing forward. “Kogan’s supply chain is well diversified and robust. While there were delays in orders from China over the Chinese New Year period and shortly thereafter, there are now good indications that new orders of replenishment stock are being completed and shipped to our Australian warehouses.”

As all Australian retailers are aware, the priorities, for the time being, is the imperative safety of its staff and customers. “Team safety and community service are our highest priorities in this fast-evolving crisis,” the spokesperson said.

“This is a trying period for our entire country. stands ready to assist the community where possible,” the retailer continued. “We wish all Australians good health and safety, and we applaud business and community leaders calling for strong social distancing measures. Australians have been through world wars, depressions, fires, droughts, and floods. We will prevail over the current virus together (from a distance).”

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