A Look Inside Showpo’s First-Ever Pop-Up Store

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On March 9, Showpo opened its first physical location since shuttering its Australian bricks-and-mortar stores in 2013. We take a look inside the LA pop-up, which the company describes as a "brand experience".

Late last month, Showpo announced it would be opening a pop-up store in LA on Melrose Avenue.

“The USA has experienced a 48 percent YOY growth for us,” Rosalie Molloy, the brand manager at Showpo told Power Retail, joking that as a leading market, California is like “its own country” for the fashion e-tailer. “Our audience, in particular, crave novelty brand experiences and social moments to connect with a brand, so our pop-up is a vessel to engage our existing USA market. A marketing channel rather than a purely traditional retail channel.”

On March 9, the brand officially opened the doors to its pop-up, with Molloy saying the company is “pleased with the results” as customers have the opportunity to “step inside the Showpo world for a day”.

According to Molloy, the set-up process was a straightforward one, with the biggest challenges stemming from its location.

“For all the logistics behind setting up a retail space, the install was relatively quick. For us, based in Australia, the most challenging part of the fit out process was being agile and making changes in real time when we got on the ground. We presently have no other retail or branded space, so we couldn’t simply replicate what we were already doing – our systems and processes all had to be created,” she says.

Part of the project also involved creating a space that would allow shoppers to create their own content journeys that could be shared on social media. This is evident in the experiential aspect of the pop-up, the ‘Showpo Cafe’.

“This is a space we conceived and designed with content in mind. Creating a moment for our customers that gives us an opportunity to engage with them was the core objective for this space. It’s not necessarily to attract Instagrammers but to extend our offering for the Showpo girl – a branded space that is shareable,” Molloy says.

Running from March 9 until March 17, the pop-up will be open from 11 am to 7 pm daily and will stock selected apparel and accessories from its full-size range, size four to 20.

After its recent wins for Top Social Retailer and Best Marketing Initiative at Power Retail’s 2019 All Star Bash, and its strong YOY revenue growth, Showpo is reportedly on track to meet its goal of $100 million in revenue by 2020, with no external funding.

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