Machine Learning Has Re-Engineered Customer Expectations for Email Marketing – Don’t Get Left Behind

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Just as a lot of brands have begun to catch up, the goalposts of Email Marketing have again shifted. For this, you can thank Machine Learning.

Machine Learning takes Marketing Automation one step further. In this case, algorithms analyse, predict and act on data without direct human instructions or programming. As a result, the performance gains are even more remarkable.

Why do organisations need to embrace Machine Learning?

Tesla, Netflix, Spotify, Twitter. These are just some of the biggest companies embracing the technology set to outsmart humans by 2030. Machine Learning is the talk of the industry at the moment, but it’s important to focus on applications that drive impact, rather than hype.

Machine Learning pairs powerful processing capability with the ability to identify patterns of behaviour humans can’t see. By presenting these patterns as actionable insights, technologies like Salesforce Marketing Cloud are empowering marketers to solve problems and seize opportunities at a scale, speed and accuracy that was never before possible.

When a brand speaks the same language as their customers, truly meeting their unique needs, customers listen. We’re helping brands connect on a deeper level by helping them understand how their consumers interact with them across all channels. With this insight and the right technology to act upon it, comes an enormous potential for revenue generation.

How can organisations leverage 1:1 personalisation on a grand scale?

We no longer talk about database segmentation, that’s the standard. To really stand out from the crowd, the only effective weapon is hyper-personalisation.

Consider that 35% of Amazon’s sales come from product recommendations. Tailoring products to customers works, and it’s even more effective when it’s based on deep insights. This comes down to relevance. Quite simply, when content is relevant, it is interesting to a consumer, and so they are engaged and ready for your message.

How should you go about developing an experience-driven email strategy?

At eWave, Australia’s leading commerce agency, Digital Strategists leverage technologies like Salesforce Marketing Cloud that use Machine Learning to develop a detailed picture of a customer’s needs and behaviours.

The ultimate goal is to move customers along the purchase journey and nurture them to brand advocacy. eWave work incredibly closely with global brands to dissect their customer journey, and integrate effective email marketing and machine learning into everything they do.

Every part of the process is optimised for engagement, and effective execution of technologies like Salesforce Marketing Cloud can transform businesses very quickly.

Machine Learning takes the hard work out of marketing, and it is helping organisations deliver timely, relevant and hyper-personalised email messages at speed and scale. Your customers are listening; all you have to do is make sure you’ve got valuable, relevant things to say.

Want to learn more? Download eWave’s latest whitepaper: Smarter Marketing Starts with 1:1 Hyper-Personalised Experiences

eWave act as strategy, design and development partner for Canon Australia, Nestle and Purina’s email marketing campaigns, and are experts in the impact-driving implementation of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Get in touch today to reengineer your email marketing strategy with the power of Machine Learning.

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