E-Commerce Future Proofing in 2020

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Growing an e-commerce business is tough; growing a successful e-commerce business in the turbulent year of 2020 is on a whole other level. Magento Digital Day is here to help make the journey a little easier and is open to all retailers. 

Magento Digital Day, presented by Retail Global, will showcase thought-leadership ideas, case studies, future-proofing roadmaps and everything needed for a sustainable and forward-thinking company.

The last seven months have changed the way everyone thinks about retail, and how it will transform and develop after the pandemic has passed. As stores began to close and events were postponed, the focus was rapidly pivoted to e-commerce.

Magento Digital Day features keynotes from e-commerce experts, including Adam Hollinshead, Chief Digital Officer of Wine Direct, Jason Cummins of Outdoor Elegance, and Julie Mathers, the Founder and CEO of Flora & Fauna.

“Once COVID hit we knew that we couldn’t sit still as people still had a desire for world-class content, fast forward and we have successfully run Digital Days on eCommerce as a whole, eBay, Amazon, Catch and now excited to running our platform-specific series Kicking off with Magento before focusing on BigCommerce and Shopify/Shopify+,” explained Phil Leahy, the CEO and Founder of Retail Global, the host of Magento Digital Day.

Magento Digital Day debuts on September 17th, and features 15 sessions that cover a wide range of topics, relevant to e-commerce professionals in one of the most unpredictable years of our lifetime.

“The overarching theme of the day is Agility & Growth, given what we have all been through I think there has never really been a more appropriate focus in our industry. Many have thrived, others have struggled, in the end the industry is rallying for one of the biggest holiday periods ever and this event is built for Magento users to get the most out of there e-commerce platform,” said Ashely Hudson, the CCO at Retail Global.

Register for Magento Digital Day here, debuting on September 17th at 9.30 am.

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