Major Telstra Management Shake-Up

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Telstra has today announced a major management re-shuffle with four key players being moved along, effective 1 October 2018.

When CEO Andrew Penn announced Telstra’s 2022, dubbed the T22 strategy last month, there was no mention of a major top-line organisational re-structure. Today, as a part of this new strategy, it has been announced that four senior leaders, Warwick Bray, Stephen Elop, Will Irving and Joe Pollard will be leaving Telstra.

Warwick Bray, the current CFO since 2015, will finish up at Telstra on 30 September and is to be replaced by current COO Robyn Denholm. Joe Pollard, current Chief Marketing Officer will leave Telstra on 30 August and will be replaced by formers SBS boss Michael Ebeid. Pollard’s job will cease and Ebeid will come in as Head of Enterprise.

Further to this, the Head of Innovation Stephen Elop and Corporate Counsel Will Irving, will finish up in July and September respectively. CEO Andrew Penn recognised the achievements of these executives in his statement released to the press on Monday morning, “I would like to recognise the significant contributions Warwick, Will, Stephen and Joe have made to Telstra and thank them for their dedication to Telstra collectively over the years.”

Andrew Penn, Telstra CEO

Andrew Penn, Telstra CEO

The managerial changes being made are a key component of the T22 strategy and a way to
“ensure we deliver rapidly and effectively on all of the commitments we made to our customers, the market and our team,” Mr. Penn also commented in his statement.

Alongside this announcement came Telstra’s new description of their Executives, with a Chief Marketing Officer no longer being a part of the senior management roster and marketing being decentralised to the company’s business units.

The new Group Executive Team will include:

  • Product and Technology – An external appointment has been made for this role and will be announced in time
  • Michael Ebeid joins Telstra to run the Enterprise team and commence at Telstra on 8 October
  • Vicki Brady will continue to lead Consumer and Small Business
  • Nikos Katinakis to lead Networks and IT, commencing mid-October
  • Brendon Riley will become the CEO of Telstra InfraCo
  • David Burns, who currently works within the Enterprise team, will lead Global Business Services – his appointment is effective today
  • Robyn Denholm to become CFO and Head of Strategy
  • Alex Badenoch will lead the T22 strategy
  • Carmel Mulhern, will remain in her role in Legal and Corporate Affairs

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