Marketers Eagerly Await the iPad Mini

The release of Apple’s latest gadget could be just around the corner. More than fanboys anticipating the announcement, digital marketers have plenty of reason to be looking forward to the release.

While it appears as though some reports for the announcement of Apple’s iPad Mini may have been made in haste, the new tablet device is now anticipated to arrive tonight when it is launched in the US. And that could mean very good news for digital marketers.

The device, which is believed to carry a 7.85 inch screen, will be a direct competitor for several other pint-sized tablets on the market, including Amazon’s Kindle Fire and the Google Nexus 7.

While devices like these have been on the market for some time, some advertising professionals says that there’s reason to believe the inclusion of Apple’s iPad Mini might actually increase the total tablet audience size. Particularly as the tablet audience is traditionally more affluent than the general mobile audience.

“We know from industry studies that 56 percent of tablet owners make over $75,000, and 46 percent have made a purchase after interacting with a tablet ad, so this creates a new, potentially very lucrative frontier for digital marketers,” Kurt Hawks, General Manager of US ad network Greystripe told MediaPost.

Furthermore, a survey released in June by the Online Publishers Association revealed that 29 percent of tablet owners say they’ve researched a product in the previous six months, 23 percent have clicked on an ad and 19 percent have visited a product-based website.

Some comparisons of click-through rates have also been made between the larger iPad and Amazon’s smaller Kindle Fire, showing that there is some evidence to support higher advertising performance on the slightly smaller screens.

However, the one thing that is guaranteed to affect marketers more than the screen size is the device’s price. Tipped to be going on sale for as little as US$300, you can be sure to pay around $100 more than that in Australia – a difference that will no doubt turn some potential tablet users away.

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