Snapchat Opens Door to Ad Targeting

Snapchat announced three new features that will give brands further reach to target consumers. The mobile app is pushing ad targeting.

Four years ago Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel said he didn’t want ads to be “creepy” for consumers. Fast-forward to 2016 and it seems the company is loosening its stance and isn’t immune to ad targeting.

The social media app is pushing ad targeting, which includes letting advertisers target customers using email databases and other data sources.

On Tuesday Snapchat announced three new features that will give marketers further reach to target consumers, similar to rival platforms like Facebook, which recently added integrated buy buttons and e-commerce features for businesses in their Messenger app.

The product rollout includes Snap Audience Match, Snap Lookalike and Snapchat Lifestyle.

The company has slowly been testing the waters with these new options over the past few months with brands like eBay saying they’ve seen a measurable increase in consumer engagement and a positive return on investment, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Snap Audience Match enhances ad targeting by allowing marketers to use its existing consumers’ email addresses and mobile device IDs to anonymously match with Snapchat’s own pool of consumer data.

Brands will be able to target consumers who display particular traits matching existing customers via Snap Lookalikes. Finally, Snapchat Lifestyle allows advertisers to target consumers based on the videos they watch (like sport, food or nature).

The company is, however, taking measures not to release any personally identifiable data to clients who use this product.

While digital ad buyers have had an interest in the mobile app’s command on young consumers, they will no doubt be interested in these sorts of targeted marketing advancements.

Snapchat currently boasts 150 million users a day, which makes this four-year- old video messaging app more popular than the likes of Twitter, and has surpassed Facebook’s apps, including Messenger, Instagram and Whatsapp.

Over the past year these platforms have been working aggressively to ramp up their advertising revenue, with Snapchat lagging behind, so there’s a bit of catch up for them in the advertising revenue space.


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