Supercheap Auto Release Latest TV Campaign

By Katherine Gray | 11 Aug 2014

The newest campaign from Supercheap Auto features a slate of light-hearted TV spots.

Launching their latest TV campaign sees Australian auto parts retailer Supercheap Auto release a slate of light-hearted ads that celebrate the small joys of car ownership.

The series of three ads are produced by retail marketing specialists The General Store and were launched towards the end of July across both TV and digital media.

Billed by Matt Newell, Strategy Partner of The General Store, as a celebration of “the dying art of car and garage maintenance,” the spots are cheerful nods to the glamours of maintaining a tidy garage washing the car and completing a V8 restoration project.

Featuring slick creative talent, appealing product placement and brand presentation, these adverts are a solid marketing effort. No official results are available as to the effectiveness of the campaign just yet, but so far each ad has reached nearly 2,000 views on the retailer’s official YouTube channel.

The General Store took over Supercheap Auto’s marketing efforts towards the end of 2013. The latest creative work is consistent with the cheeky and light-hearted tone present across the retailer’s marketing strategy, which includes both online and traditional sales channels.

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