Excelling in Omnichannel Marketing: Xcel Brands

By Katherine Gray | 30 Jul 2014

Combining bricks-and-mortar channels with online retail and home-shopping cable channel QVC, has seen Xcel Brands and Robert D’Loren gain reputation as leading omnichannel marketer.

The name Robert D’Loren may not be widely known outside of retail business circles, but the CEO of Xcel Brands has worked hard to earn his reputation as a leading omnichannel marketer.

Overshadowed by its well-known portfolio brand names, Xcel Brands is the parent company of the various Isaac Mizrahi labels and luxury jewellery brand Judith Ripka. The company also holds certain interests in the Liz Claiborne New York brand and works closely with home-shopping channel QVC to maximise omnichannel retail sales.

Operating a mixed marketing approach has seen Xcel Brands position itself as a strong omnichannel leader. Employing marketing efforts that generate high consumer awareness across various channels, including social media, traditional advertising and cross-promotion on television, has seen retail sales grow from $50 million to over $450 million in the past three years.

Speaking of marketing promotions and campaigns, Robert D’Loren, Chief Executive Officer said “Xcel takes a collaborative approach to marketing and public relations across all channels and distribution which includes interactive TV, better department stores, e-commerce and our own retail stores.”

Choosing to keep all marketing efforts in house has seen the company benefit from a consistent and fine tuned marketing mix.

“Our target customers and followers are matched and aligned with our various labels,” said D’Loren referring to the various labels under the Xcel Brand umbrella. “We are fully engaged with our customers and followers both on television and in social media, and we reach them through social media, traditional advertising and cross-promotion on television.”

Operating a unique business model that features ample licensed items, in-house designs and direct-response television as a a sales channel, Xcel Brands “follows a classic, best, better, and good strategy in our product assortments and label presentations,” said D’Loren. Believing the future of customer engagement is found in the power of TV and social media, D’Loren plans to continue combining traditional advertising with newer and more instantaneous methods, such as social media.

Utilising multiple sales channels, including bricks-and-mortar, internet retail distribution channels and home-shopping cable channel, QVC, has seen a consistent focus on driving sales in an omnichannel strategy. Recent distribution expansion was achieved with the launch of the Isaac Mizrahi e-commerce store, which firmly solidified Xcel’s total omnichannel approach.

Speaking of the strength of their current omnichannel retail strategy, D’Loren said “We believe our approach is working based upon our sales growth.” With a continual offering of high-profile and dynamic brands that generate high consumer awareness, Xcel’s current approach of ensuring its brands are available across various distribution channels is proving strong. With customers and brands engaging across both traditional and novel channels, Xcel Brands’ position as a strong omnichannel leader is well earned.

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