Online Marketplaces Top Destination for 48% of Aussies

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A new report has revealed that one-in-eight Aussies shop from their mobiles on a daily basis, which is reportedly the driving force behind online marketplace growth.

The latest PayPal mCommerce report has found that 48 percent of Australian consumers shop from their mobiles each week, while one-in-eight shop on a daily basis. Of the shoppers surveyed, 27 percent said smartphones are their preferred device for online shopping, a figure which has doubled since 2016.

This shift in preferences is reflected in the level of growth e-tailer’s have experienced in the last 12 months. One-in-five (18 percent) of retailers now say more than half of their sales come from mobile devices, compared to only nine percent in 2017.

Although, researchers also note that consumer expectations have risen alongside mobile commerce adoption rates.

“As consumer dependency on technology accelerates, so too do expectations of mobile experiences. Our research found that nearly half of Australians (47 percent) are annoyed when a site doesn’t work well on a mobile and almost a third (30 percent) of mobile shoppers have abandoned a purchase due to lack of mobile-optimisation or because of security concerns (29 percent),” said Libby Roy, PayPal Australia’s managing director.

Links Cited Between Mobile Commerce and Adoption of Online Marketplaces

According to PayPal, mobile commerce isn’t the only e-commerce tool that’s growing. Online marketplaces are also experiencing a steady rate of growth. In fact, there is a strong link between mobile shoppers and marketplace usage, as 89 percent of smartphone users reportedly shop on marketplaces like eBay. In fact, 48 percent of these shoppers visit these sites on a weekly basis with the intention of making a purchase.

Forty-eight seems to be a popular number, as this percentage of Aussie shoppers also say online marketplaces are their number one destination for browsing with the intent to purchase. This number is now higher than both search engines (43 percent) and e-commerce stores (29 percent).

It seems businesses are also recognising the value of marketplaces, with 44 percent of Australian businesses establishing a presence on these sites.

In terms of marketplace popularity, eBay is still the site of choice for Aussies, attracting 79 percent of consumers, followed by Amazon at 40 percent, Etsy at 17 percent and Alibaba at nine percent. However, PayPal does note that only marketplaces working primarily with commercial retailers were included in the study, so these figures don’t take into account other dominant marketplaces like Gumtree.

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