Mission I Skyrocket 50 E-Com Retailers in 2021

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2020 has been a killer year for e-commerce with online sales setting unprecedented growth records.

Australia Post’s recent e-commerce Industry Report mentioned 5.2 million Aussie households shopped online by April 2020, an increase of 31percent against the year-on-year average.

But there are still a large portion of retailers struggling to make their e-commerce business work.

Abnormal Digital Founder, Deryll Naidoo

Melbourne growth agency Abnormal Digital have set themselves a mission to help 50 e-com retailers to achieve 8X ROI in 2021. Then accelerating growth for them in Year 02, Year 03 and beyond.

WHY? They want to close the fast-growing gap between successful e-com retailers and those still in transformation/growth mode. They call this the whale gap effect, a trend trajectory that can eradicate the future e-com SMB Retail industry.

Abnormal Digital has over 23 years of experience working with retailers to discover insights and opportunities on the frontline of e-commerce.

THE FIVE MOST COMMON PROBLEMS facing e-com retailers are a lack of:

  1. Strategic Direction
  2. Product Hierarchy
  3. Poor E-Commerce Websites with Low Sales Conversion
  4. Data Monetisation
  5. Expert Digital Teams

As simple as these sound, many retailers don’t know where to begin fixing these problems or how to accelerate growth. Hence the main reason why Abnormal Digital has created their 8X ROI strategy as a perfect place to start growth.

“Online sales in Australia have increased by 6.6 percent and a phenomenal 44 percent globally during the Pandemic 2020 signalling the biggest growth opportunity for retailers to transform their e-com business,” says Deryll Naidoo, Abnormal Digital Founder.

Driphoney – Shopify Plus website

Did they pluck 8X ROI from the sky? In short, No! Abnormal Digital has been working with lifestyle brands across Electronics, Fashion, Sneakers, Sports, Cosmetics, Skincare, Pharmacies, Automotive and more. Their 8X ROI e-com strategy has been developed as an affordable, low risk scaling growth blueprint for retailers.

In development and testing since 2016, they start off by understanding each client’s specific market then setting an achievable 8X ROI sales forecast. Year 01 truly focuses on key elements of product hierarchy, creating, fixing or upgrading their client’s website, building out a data monetisation plan and helping them with their digital eco-system.

8X ROI is a balanced target between success and failure which allows retailers to ship shape themselves and prove that their current products are sellable, whilst making a profit.

“We consider 8X ROI as the total cost of marketing vs revenue generated. This includes all agency fees for creative, tech and paid media. Some agencies talk about return on ad spend (ROAS), however running a business means focusing on the P&L. We are driven by growing the bottom line for our clients.” – says Deryll.

Once they achieve 8X ROI in Year 01, the same dedicated team will then strategise growth acceleration for Year 02 and beyond. By this time, all the important aspects of their clients’ full digital eco-system is tested with proven results, then only their clients are poised for rapid scale.

Year on year growth targets.

What makes Abnormal Digital abnormal? It’s simple, they use big thinking and a nimble approach to focus on growing the bottom line for their retail clients. This end-to-end approach sets them apart from other agencies who only see success for their clients as digital traffic or leads generated, instead of revenue.

In addition, they stretch their fees across a 12 month period allowing retailers the opportunity to focus on making a profit from the start. Most agencies will never do this because they want their money upfront with low future accountability. They choose to invest in their clients for the long term.

Interested in Abnormal Digital’s 8X ROI for your e-com business? Get in touch today. Discover more here.

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  1. Joe Fox February 17, 2021 at 3:10 PM - Reply

    Love this initiative Deryll, very exciting and we look forward to being one of the partners that help you in succeeding this mission!

  2. Deryll Naidoo February 17, 2021 at 3:28 PM - Reply

    Thanks Joe.
    Really looking forward to working together.

  3. Vincent Fiorenti February 23, 2021 at 2:10 PM - Reply

    Great read and any company you work/partner with will succeed as you are a true professional and expert in your field.

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