Mother’s Day Spending Tipped to Reach $733 Million

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Australians are expected to spend $733 million on Mother’s Day this year, an estimated 25 percent less than was spent on Valentine’s Day earlier in the year.

New research by has found that consumers will spend upwards of $700 million on their mums this Mother’s Day. The research site claims that the average adult will spend roughly $60 on a gift for mum, which is $15 less than the average gift spend for Valentine’s Day back in February.

“It’s unusual to see more emphasis on Valentine’s Day, but to some extent, wrong or right, mothers are often happy with less tangible tokens of appreciation,” Bessie Hassan, the money expert at said.

“They generally don’t expect anyone to feel an obligation to buy material items for them.”

From the 2,085 people surveyed, concluded that sons are more generous than daughters, spending $66 on their mum, compared to only $55 by daughters.

Residents of New South Wales are also tipped to spend more than consumers in other states, with a predicted spend of $68 per person, followed closely by the ACT at $65. It seems Tasmanians have the least amount of cash to splash this Mother’s Day, as they’re expected to spend roughly $36 on a gift for mum.

According to, 28 percent of Australians don’t celebrate Mother’s Day at all, while eight percent would rather spend time with or talk to their mum over the phone, rather than spending money on gifts.

Research by Beyond Bank has also suggested that Australians typically spend more on their mums than their dads, with 90 percent of households spending  $50 more on Mother’s Day than they do on Father’s Day.

Mother’s Day is due to hit this weekend, Sunday 13 May, with a number of Australian retailers already ramping up their Mother’s Day promotions, including big department stores like Big W, Kmart and Target, all of which have promotional catalogues and specials out.

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