Australia Post Launches ParcelSend Mobile App

In an ongoing bid to solidify its place in the local deliveries marketplace, Australia Post has launched a new mobile app for consumers and SMBs that aims to make booking parcel deliveries easier.

Australia Post leaders recently announced their intention to invest significantly in e-commerce, with a particular focus on SMB online retailers. The national delivery network’s latest development reflects their understanding of the growing mobile e-commerce trend, having released a new mobile app for both Android and iOS, specifically designed to improve the parcel sending experience for SMBs and consumers.

The new app – dubbed ‘ParcelSend’ – allows a sender to create the delivery label (for both domestic and international parcels), pay for the delivery and organise for the parcel to be picked up all on their mobile phone.

Australia Post believes this app represents the first in the Australian market by which consumers can perform the entire end-to-end parcel transaction, including: quote, payment, label generation and order a pickup.

Some of the biggest contributors to online shopping are domestic SMBs, and the segment is growing at a rapid rate. There are currently around 800,000 SMBs in Australia, leading the way in their use of technology for enhancing the online shopper’s experience.

ParcelSend delivery application

The new ParcelSend app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Australia Post seems set on developing infrastructure and services that will make life easier for small businesses. As part of this strategy, the ParcelSend app seems relevant, however it will be more interesting to see what other developments may be in the pipeline.

Some rumours are already indicating that Australia Post will be making a move towards introducing their postal lockers in major public transport hubs. Hypothetically, if such an option were to act as both a place to collect as well as drop off parcels, Australia Post would be able to truly cement its place as the major delivery option for online SMBs.


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