Cosmo Magazine Creates Print-to-Mobile Shoppable Content

April Davis By April Davis | 26 Sep 2018

Cosmopolitan is reportedly entering a new age of print/digital advertising, using QR codes and partnerships with e-tailers to make virtual ‘try-on’ ads possible.

The American branch of Cosmopolitan’s global magazine brand is creating its first print-to-digital campaign, with hopes similar initiatives will be implemented in the magazine’s Australian publications in the future. 

The magazine has teamed up with Macy’s and Juicy Couture online, as well as augmented reality (AR) developer, Perfect Corp to make its October issue shoppable online.

According to Perfect Corp, readers will be able to scan a QR code in the Macy’s print ad, which will direct them to Cosmo online. Here, they will be able to use the developer’s AR tech to test out different looks and styles by uploading a photo or taking a selfie. Similar to Alibaba’s Magic Mirror interface, the YouCam Makeup program reportedly uses facial mapping technology that allows users to virtually try-on makeup. If a user likes what they see, they can then click through to buy the Juicy Couture products directly from Macy’s online store.

Macy's and Cosmo

Cosmo produces first shoppable AR content in its October magazine.

“We are excited to work with the creative geniuses at Cosmopolitan to couple our advanced AR and AI technologies with their stunning visuals and editorial expertise and bring their content to virtual reality,” Perfect Corp. CEO, Alice Chang said in a press release.

“This exciting partnership allows readers to interact and engage with Cosmopolitan content in a completely new and unique way, bringing the looks and products on the pages of the magazine to life in an instant.”

Macy’s eight-page native content package in the October issue of Cosmopolitan makes the multichannel retailer the first business to utilise this new technology in Cosmo’s print and digital editions. However, representatives from Perfect Corp and Cosmopolitan have confirmed that the YouCam tech will be used in future editions of Cosmo, as well as its sister publications, Seventeen and Women’s Health.

While AR and e-commerce experiences that utilise QR codes are becoming popular overseas, Australia has been slow to adopt this multi-use technology. Companies like Alibaba have already experienced a great deal of success using new retail solutions in China, but James Hudson, Alibaba Group’s director of corporate affairs and marketing believes Australian retailers often lack the technology and motivation to push forward with shopping initiatives that use QR codes.

According to Hudson, this means Australian brands might need to spend some time educating their consumers before local brands can start utilising advertising and sales opportunities like those presented in Cosmopolitan’s US publication.

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