E-Commerce Technology Game Changers in 2017

Australian shoppers spent a whopping $21.65 billion on online retail in 2016, according to NAB. As we brace for another record setting year, there are a few emerging technologies in e-commerce that we need to keep an eye on in 2017. You may heard of some of these, others perhaps not. 

E-commerce Drones – This one has been up in the air for a while, but a couple months back Amazon performed its first successful drone delivery trial, where a customer purchased an item via Amazon Prime Air, and had it delivered within 13 minutes. While we’re not sure of the commercial viability of drone delivery, it could certainly take off as a a quick delivery platform for lightweight goods in the future – we laud Jeff Bezos for his enthusiasm in relentlessly driving transformational change in e-commerce.

Smart Buttons – Again, Amazon was the first contender with its clever dash buttons, which are wi-fi devices to place in your kitchen, pantry, or anywhere in the home where customers use its Prime-eligible products. By pressing on the button, online consumers can reorder when they’re running low on a product. This year we may find other big retailers bringing out their versions of smart buttons.

amazon smart button dash button e-commerce technology trends 2017

One-Click Checkouts – Mobile shopping carts is probably the biggest winner out of the entire list as its popularity for shopping device choice sky rocketed in 2016. One-click checkouts are about to become a game changer in e-commerce in 2017, as they cater to user behaviour and consumer purchase history, to deliver strong conversion results for e-commerce.

E-Wallets – Payment companies are looking to incorporate e-wallets on the double in 2017. Apple Pay, Paypal, Google Wallet and Samsung will make payment processes a hell of a lot simpler for customers this year, as well as more secure. While there is one challenge though – a lack of integration from retailers at present – this could change as payment giants like Paypal look to acquire e-wallet companies.

Social Commerce – Figures from social commerce could come as a surprise this year. Platforms like Facebook are honing in on e-commerce, with the introduction of Marketplace in 2016, and in 2017 they will introduce buying via Facebook Chat, where customers can book a flight or order merchandise from companies and pay via Chat. Instragram introduced shoppable tags last year, which helped the digital retail world coin in further on its growing fan base. We can only wonder what social features like polls, reviews, tagging and more can do to boost social commerce and evolve it into a stronger e-commerce channel this year.


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