AdRoll Research Supports Facebook Mobile Marketing Growth

By Katherine Gray | 30 Jul 2014

Opening the doors to advertisers has seen Facebook experience significant revenue growth. Now research by AdRoll confirms how advertisers benefit from partnership with Facebook mobile marketing.

New research supports Facebook’s position in the competitive mobile market. 

Since Facebook opened the doors to advertisers only two years ago, the uptake has risen regardless of ongoing criticism of the platform. The new findings boast 62 percent of Facebook’s total advertising revenue for the recent quarter comes from advertising on mobile devices. Adding an additional 40 million users in the same quarter has also fuelled predictions that Facebook’s quarter on quarter revenue growth will continue.

The revenue rise is linked to Facebook’s recent focus on mobile advertising, with the site aggressively fighting for mobile advertising dollars. Recent moves have seen Facebook push into premium video advertising and the launch of a mobile advertising network in April, 2014. With a significant proportion of customers owning mobile devices and the Facebook app on three out of four smartphones, the revenue increase makes even more sense.

Research from AdRoll also confirms this growth and supports the site’s move into mobile marketing and advertising. The recent report analysed advertisers performances and uptake of Facebook retargeting campaigns on desktop, mobile and the web. Examining data from over 800 million impressions collected from 215 advertisers between March and July, 2014, the findings corroborate mobile marketing practices.

The report found, with mobile adoption growing and proving to be a strong direct-response channel, advertisers noticed promising results for user engagement and increased metics across Facebook ads.  Unsurprisingly, apparel, beauty, and technology industries were found to be the quickest adopters of mobile ad sizes, with the most successful marketing strategy involving retargeting across different channels.

Focusing its analysis on Facebook’s retargeting campaigns on desktop, mobile and the web, further highlights of AdRoll’s study are: 

  • News feed advertising on mobile grew from 0% to 6.51%
  • Mobile ads now account for 8.25% of all news feed clicks
  • Mobile campaigns drive additional traffic and conversions – when adding mobile ad sizes, advertisers saw approximately 4% more impressions, 29% more clicks, and a 15% increase in conversions
  • As a complementary channel, mobile adds an average 3.8% of incremental conversions to an existing retargeting mix of web and News Feed on desktop
  • Mobile is ideal for driving direct response through promotions and content marketing – by adding mobile to an existing retargeting mix, advertisers see on average 29% more clicks
  • By layering Newsfeed campaigns on desktop onto web retargeting, advertisers serve on average 5.7% more impressions and get an impressive 53% more clicks
  • The CPM cost of Newsfeed ad impressions on mobile is 57% lower than Newsfeed impressions on desktop, and generate a 10% higher CTR. This results in a 61% lower CPC for ads in the Newsfeed on mobile compared to the Newsfeed on desktop

Regardless of your position on the effectiveness of Facebook’s overall advertising offering, this data paints a clear picture that many businesses are finding success with at least the mobile ad services. Further, the data gives some indication of how these brands are achieving their success, making the report even more worthwhile.

As Facebook continues to find ways to turn its captive audience into a marketable asset, more initiatives like these will appear, succeed or fail. The question is: how long will the captive audience stick around while all this goes on?

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