Direct Online Shopping for Ivanka Trump’s Lifestyle Brand

By Hannah Ainsworth | 18 Apr 2018

After a year of woe’s, Ivanka Trump’s self-titled brand is trying to bump up its fashion retail sales.

After its 2017 partnership dissolution with Nordstrom, Ivanka Trump’s fashion brand has seen better days. In an effort to trump these woes, the brand has decided to offer its merchandise to customers through its own website.

Starting from today, shoppers will be able to buy the Ivanka Trump brand, which also includes handbags and jewellery, from its website with a 15 percent discount. Established in 2014 as a lifestyle blog, the website provides styling tips, office advice and interviews with powerful women, including Ivanka herself.

Ivanka Trump, Founder of

The fashion side of the business was originally set up as a wholesale enterprise, sourcing the manufacturing to outside companies to then sell to wholesale partners like Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s and Walmart. These wholesale partnerships will continue while Ivanka’s brand takes the next logical step in the online retail world.

Since her father’s reign in the White House, her own personal brand has come under fire with many customers calling for people to boycott her brand. There is little doubt that this has directly impacted the fashion label and contributed to Nordstrom dropping her fashion line.

Whilst Ivanka has ceased day-to-day control of her company since joining her father in Washington DC as an unpaid assistant, she is still the face of her company and is the reason why shoppers either choose to shop with her, or boycott her.

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