Kmart Online Customer Info Stolen By Hackers

By Rory Betteridge | 01 Oct 2015

Kmart confirmed yesterday that hackers had breached its digital security, exposing certain details from its database of Australian customer information.

Fairfax reports that an email between Kmart and one affected customer was forwarded to them yesterday, informing the customer that her account had been compromised during an “external privacy breach”. The email claimed that stolen data included her name, postal address, email, telephone number and details about recent purchases, but that her credit card data remained secure. The email assured the customer that “immediate action was taken to stop any further information being accessed”.

A Kmart Australia spokeswoman confirmed that the attack was genuine, providing no further details at the time.

“Kmart Australia understands that the safety and security of customer’s personal information is important and has engaged leading IT forensic investigators to thoroughly review this matter fully,” the email says.

An official statement on Kmart’s website has elaborated on the attack.

“This breach only impacts a selection of customers who have shopped online with Kmart Australia,” the statement reads. “If customers have not received a message from Kmart Australia regarding this situation they have not been impacted.”

“Kmart Australia has engaged leading IT forensic investigators and has contacted the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner and Australian Federal Police to thoroughly review this matter.”

The attack follows a similar attack on Kmart’s US operations, which did expose customers’ credit card details.

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