How Technology is Changing Shopping Behaviour – Salesforce Report

A fresh report from Salesforce reveals retailers today have a wealth of data, and customers expect them to use it. Technology is changing the shopping experience and retailers and brands need to respond to omnichannel shopper behaviour.

We’re in the age of the customer. Armed with smartphones and third-party apps, online shoppers are empowered to expect personalised experiences everywhere, at all touch points of their shopping journey.

According to Salesforce, Australian e-commerce revenue is predicted to increase just over 10% each year, to reach close to $18 billion in 2020. And while we have a relatively small slice of the e-commerce revenue pie, the key for Australian retailers looking to keep and grow their share – will be the customer experience they provide.

Salesforce Empowered Shopper Report for 2017 show technology is changing shopping behaviour

There have been seismic shifts in consumer behaviour and expectations in the last couple years, according to the just released Salesforce Empowered Shopper Report for 2017.

“Consumer expectations are sky-high. Today’s shoppers expect personalised experiences whether they are shopping on their couch, on the go or in a store,” says James Johnson, regional director, customer success at Salesforce Commerce Cloud. “The cloud, mobile and social revolutions have empowered today’s shopper, transforming the relationship and challenging retailers to develop compelling and frictionless mobile experiences.”

How Technology is Changing Shopping Behaviour - Salesforce Report Salesforce Empowered Shopper Report 2017Brands that take the opportunity to use technology to connect their teams and processes across
the board can differentiate themselves through
the customer experience they provide. “The result is greater customer loyalty, more powerful reputation management systems, and more efficient staff and processes,” and that’s just the beginning, according to the report.

Johnson says that difficulty completing a purchase online (or in-store) is one of the top reasons consumers will abandon their cart and move on to another brand. “Retailers that stand head and shoulders above the crowd invest in an omnichannel approach that makes it easy to engage and shop with the brand across every touch point.”

The report found that half of customers will soon expect customer service to know exactly who they are as soon as they make contact.

“Fifty percent of consumers expect to be recognised straight away, requiring retailers to invest in a technology platform that helps staff customise online and in-store experiences for customers at every engagement point. This knowledge of the customer is the Holy Grail for retailers and is crucial to them creating a customer for life.”

Johnson says that retailers who cater for a customer’s needs and expectations at every touch point, will be “creating a customer for life.”

Salesforce combined a survey of 650 Australian shoppers for its Empowered Shopper Report for 2017, with data from more than 40 million online global shoppers to examine current attitudes, habits, and look at the part technology can play in reaching and converting shoppers.

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  1. Correct if your client gets stuck at the checkout they will leave, also older clients are becoming more trustworthy of the technology.My 18year old will buy regardless.

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