Supercheap Auto’s 60-Minute Click-and-Collect

Not content with its 90-minute click-and-collect service, Supercheap Auto decided to rev things up and launch its 60-minute click-and-collect service. It will also be unveiling its new e-commerce platform in 2018.

Supercheap Auto saw its digital sales grow 75% in FY17 and click-and-collect was a big driver behind that. The retailer says seamless integration behind its in-store environment and its online assets has enabled its customers to shop the way they want, which is a big part of its omnichannel strategy.

“At Supercheap Auto, we are committed to enabling our customers to shop with us whichever way they choose across our physical or digital touch points, or as is increasingly the case, a combination of both,” says Angus McDonald, general manager of multichannel at Supercheap Auto.

“Our customers tell us that improving convenience and removing friction are both really important, and so continuing to sharpen our click-and-collect experience has been a significant area of focus. Customer expectations are evolving rapidly and we need to keep raising the bar, challenging ourselves around how we can keep providing an even better experience.”

McDonald says its improved 60-minute click-and-collect offering would not be possible without near real-time visibility of inventory across its entire network. The retailer’s order management system, ERP, in-store POS and e-commerce platforms are all fully integrated. “However, technology is only part of the answer,” says McDonald.

“While our ERP system might say there are six units of a particular item at your local store, this is only useful if that happens to be accurate. Working to have a strong discipline around inventory accuracy in each store or distribution centre is key, followed by a consistently high standard of execution in online fulfilment, no matter what day of the week, or at which store an order is placed.”

The time between when the order was placed, when the real-time inventory check occurs, and then when the store team member gets around to actually picking the order is another opportunity for things to go wrong.

“Our team make a huge difference here, both in terms of great execution across our stores, but also, most importantly, in how they handle things when they go wrong. In the very small percentage of occasions where a store receives an order for a product that perhaps has damaged packaging, or may not be there at all, we know that it is critically important to get to the customer, before they get to you. Taking responsibility for the problem and offering solutions up front can really turn a negative experience into a positive one,” explains McDonald.

In the last year, Supercheap Auto have made significant updates to its website, including delivering an improved shopping experience for its customers visiting from mobile devices, enabling real-time stock availability checks on the product page for those customers who still just want to visit the store and purchase across the counter and, it has continued to expand on the number of products available online beyond the core offer available in each of its stores, with thousands of extra products added in the last year.

The automotive retailer also launched free shipping on spare parts ordered in-store or online in the last 12 months, and integrated a range of services including the ability to book a tyre-fitting, windscreen repair or logbook service for your car via its website.

Supercheap Auto’s 60-Minute Click-and-Collect

The company also launched its new Customer Experience Centre at Penrith in the western suburbs of Sydney. “This has been a great illustration of how we can bring together our physical and digital elements to deliver a rich experience to our customers. We have brought in a number of digital elements to help improve search, navigation and selection, provide access to extended ranges of products and we are also trialling parcel lockers at the front of the store for after-hours pick up of click and collect orders,” says McDonald.

Developing its omni-retail capability is a key strategic pillar for Super Retail Group, with the company saying it has a number of important projects that are being worked on across the organisation. This includes the launch of its new online platform in 2018, and further development of its click-and-collect and delivery capabilities across all areas of the group, including Supercheap Auto, Rebel, BCF and Rays Outdoors. The retailer says it’s also important to recognise that people and culture are very important to its success, as it continues to work on how it builds the engagement and support of its team in its exciting journey.

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