Conscientious Commerce: Thankyou Group Reaches $1M Given

The Thankyou Group has combined savvy marketing, product and conscientious consumerism to give $1 million to communities in developing nations.

The Thankyou Group, which garners funding for safe water, food and hygiene products in developing countries by selling the same via supermarkets in Australia, is now celebrating $1 million in funds going to those in need.

The social enterprise, which began with its flagship Thankyou Water product, has been experiencing significant growth over the past 12 months, expanding its bottled water range to include food and body care products, fighting hard to land milestone agreements with Australia’s largest supermarket chains, Coles and Woolworths.

Co-founder and MD, Daniel Flynn (who also won the 2014 Victorian Young Australian of the Year), has released a statement thanking Australians for making the switch to conscientious consumerism, enabling them to provide the underprivileged with their basic necessities.

“Each day, there are more and more Aussies realising that they can make a genuine difference to the lives of those less fortunate, simply by purchasing Thankyou products instead of their usual brands of muesli bars, hand creams, cereals and the like,” Flynn said.

The Thankyou Group has enabled a number of ‘smart’ initiatives that tie-in its products with charitable projects, printing codes on items sold that allow consumers to track where and how the money gained from their purchase is spent in developing nations.

“The impact this funding is having on communities in places like Myanmar, Kenya and Cambodia is incredible,” Flynn said. “But as awesome as having given this first million dollars is, it’s even more exciting to know that this is just the beginning — there is so much more work we want to do, and so many more people we want to help.”

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