Vinomofo Plans Biggest Year Ever, Beginning with First Pop-up Event

Vinomofo has announced the launch of its most lucrative sales opportunity yet, with a view to double its revenues in 2014. Further, the team are planning to celebrate in style with a series of pop-up wine events around the country.

Australian pureplay wine retailer, Vinomofo has today announced the launch of its biggest omnichannel retail initiative, with a national, pop-up roadshow as just the beginning.

Having founded an online sales channel in order to sell direct to their sizeable audience of wine enthusiasts, Co-founders Andre Eikmeier, Justin Dry and Leigh Morgan have since spent time as part of The Catch Group before moving on to continue growing the business under its own steam. While the journey has no-doubt had its ups and downs, the team is particularly enthusiastic about the year ahead – and they intend to celebrate in true ‘mofo form.

“Traditionally we would miss out on valuable Christmas sales at the end of December because of delivery time constraints. So this year, we decided to combat that by creating a flash pop-up wine store where we can bring our unique offering of good wine, epic deals and real people to customers offline as well as online,” says Eikmeier.

The first in a number of planned pop-up events, the team have set up shop in Richmond and intend on offering their products direct to the public from today (Friday 13) to Sunday, December 15. Around 2,000 cases of wine will be on offer, with discounts of 50 to 70 percent off recommended retail prices.

Vinomofo wine

The Richmond pop-up event is stacked with cases of fine wines.

“We’re having a lot of fun, actually,” Eikmeier tells us. “We’ve had the whole team help out with the set-up of the location and we’re looking forward to meeting some our fans in the flesh for the first time.”

Their entire range will be available for free tastings and the team intends to be on hand to help customers choose their perfect drop. They also forecast a series of similar events will occur in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, to take place over the course of 2014.

But that isn’t the reason why Eikmeier is so excited about the new year.

“So we’ve also just launched a new sales initiative based on an experiment that’s just concluded – and we think this is going to be a real game-changer for the business.”

After reviewing their customer database of more than 240,000 members, the team at Vinomofo realised there were as many as 40,000 customers that hadn’t made good on a single email offer in the past six to 12 months.

“We were worried,” Eikmeier admitted. “It kind of felt like there were all these customers that had fallen out of love with us, and we wanted to know why. That when we had the idea of giving some of them a courtesy call over the phone to find out where we’d gone wrong. Turns out we weren’t in their bad books at all!”

Eikmeier and Dry hired a small team of phone operators to reach out to their wayward customers. What they discovered was a huge number of them were just as thirsty as ever. The operators started making sales at what Eikmeier describes as an incredible rate, with conversion results of 25-50 percent.

“The pilot was so successful there was no way we could ignore the opportunity,” he says. “Now we’re focused on building our telephone sales team up, which we hope will number 30 new team members by mid-February.”

By hiring its own customer service and sales personnel, Vinomofo hopes to leverage this new channel by offering the signature, cheeky style that has become synonymous with the brand.

“It sounds a little odd that as a pureplay online business we’re now seeing a massive opportunity via a much older communications technology, but so far these phone calls have been significantly more valuable than many of our email campaigns. We believe this initiative will double our revenues in the next calendar year.”

Of course, none of this makes Vinomofo any less dedicated to its digital heritage, the proof of which is evident in the company taking out first place at the SmartCompany Web Awards, winning the ‘Best Company Website’ award for a business of less than 20 employees.

The Melbourne Pop-up Wine Store opens today at Lennox Street Exchange, 285 Lennox Street, Richmond 3121.

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