MyDeal Launches App for Shopify Merchants

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Australian online marketplace,, has launched the 'MyDeal Sales Channel', an app that's available for Shopify merchants to integrate products on the Home and Garden marketplace.

Merchants can ‘easily manage, list and sell to millions of consumers directly through Shopify’, within their dashboard both on desktop and mobile. Using the MyDeal App for Shopify, international and local retailers that sell in AUD can reach customers in a ‘more effective way’ through a ‘preferred’ channel within minutes. “Previously manual tasks are now streamlined,” explained John Barkle, CMO at MyDeal. “Their products can be on the marketplace directly  from their Shopify store.”

Everything, from the image to the product titles, is uploaded to the MyDeal shop front. MyDeal also offers retailers to determine the price they wish to sell. “As a marketplace, the seller always controls the pricing,” Mr Barkle said.

When it comes to pricing, it pays to be different, said Mr Barkle. “We, as a marketplace, work very closely with our sellers, encourage them to offer discounts, promotions, prices that are differential from the RRP. I think that is now mandatory when trading online,” he said. With the new Shopify app, merchants have further freedom to add and update products with ease and will provide a more effective way to reach new customers through a preferred marketplace channel.

Six months ago, MyDeal decided to pivot its focus to Home and Garden, an almost untapped market for Australian online marketplaces. “Purchasing for home and garden is a very personal experience,” Mr Barkle said. “People will use a lot of emotion and their own taste when purchasing for a home because it comes from an area of pride. What we need to do is to work with our retailers and partners such as House, Brosa and Godfreys to be not only able to offer great prices across an amazing range, but also provide that discoverability, inspiration and feel-good experience. The way we’re able to do that is by leveraging our Pty technology to provide that experience, as well as relying on AI and personalisation  technology.”

“The app release for Shopify reinforces our commitment to offering marketplace technology that will provide merchants with a fast and efficient way to sell to Australian customers. The opportunity to work with Shopify’s merchants will enable us to expand our product and brand offering exponentially and offer our customer base more choice than ever before from both local and global brands,” explained MyDeal’s CEO, Sean Senvirtne.

A few weeks ago, there was quite a commotion surrounding retailers following a statement by David Jones. Despite the claims that Australian retail is dropping more than ever, many retailers have rebuffed the comment, such as Booktopia and JB Hi-Fi. Mr Barkle from MyDeal affirm those claims. “We don’t take the view that retail is experiencing a recession,” he explained. “We think that there is a change in consumer behaviour and the retail sector. More and more customers are expecting more and more at their fingertips. Some of the traditional retailers have been slow to capitalise on that, but MyDeal has been at the forefront of the Australian retail landscape, being an e-commerce marketplace.” 

The Sales Channel goes to market on Wednesday following beta testing with a collection of merchants from Shopify. “It’s as easy as going to their App Store and finding MyDeal, and adding it to their Shopify store,” Mr Barkle explained. The app then triggers the MyDeal team to pull the products into its database, which will run on the MyDeal marketplace within 48 hours.

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