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Mys Tyler Launches Innovative AI Stylist Feature

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By Published On: November 28, 20232 Comments

Fashion Startup Mys Tyler has unveiled its new generative AI feature. We spoke to founder and CEO Sarah Neill to find out more.

Founded in 2020, Mys Tyler describes itself as “a private and inclusive community where Fashion Contributors can feel safe to share their body data and their outfits to help us all find body-relevant fashion inspo and styling advice that makes us feel great.” 

The app matches users with “Fashion Contributors” so they can get fashion and outfit inspiration from people with similar body types and features. The app develops a “FIT Algorithm” that shows users how similar their body is to that of each creator on the platform – so users can determine how well clothes will fit them, helping them find fashion that fits and reducing returns that can be costly to the industry and the environment. 

The Australian startup embraces technological development and innovation, and its latest update utilises generative AI to serve up hyper-personalised shopping and style advice to app users. 

Mys Tyler founder Sarah Neill said, “The launch of Mys Tyler’s AI Stylist is like having a personal stylist in your pocket 24/7. We’re bringing together the expertise of our Fashion Contributors and the power of AI to give users on-demand, personalised advice and recommendations.” 

The first phase of the launch enables Mys Tyler Pro users to ask the AI Stylist fashion advice questions, and the AI Stylist considers the user’s body data – shape, size, height, colouring, age and style preferences – to deliver an immediate response. AI has also made its way into the app’s onboarding experience, combining interactive Q&As with AI technology to generate personalised user profiles. 

Questions can then be opened up to Mys Tyler’s Fashion Contributors for additional advice and recommendations. 

Phase two is set to follow early next year,  with Mys Tyler training an AI model using the app’s image data. When this feature goes live, Mys Tyler’s AI Stylist will not only offer advice to consumers based on the style questions they’ve asked, but it will also provide a selection of outfit recommendations sourced from the app’s image database. This will allow consumers to easily visualise how these outfits appear on individuals with similar body types and directly shop for them through the app. 

Neill said, “Mys Tyler’s CTO Dan Lloyd Jones, Senior Architect Chris Parton and I have been building the Mys Tyler app for over three years now, and for the past year we’ve been focused on unlocking the potential of AI and Generative AI. Our mission has always been to deliver a hyper-personalised experience, for which we’ve collected a lot of data, this has positioned us perfectly to leverage emerging technologies to deliver more value to our users. We’ll be using Vertex AI, Google’s generative AI platform, with prompt engineering to bring this idea to market and we’re excited for the hyper-personalised experience AI will bring to our app users.”

mys tyler

We found out more about this exciting new development from Sarah Neill, Founder & CEO of Mys Tyler.

With the pace at which AI is evolving, how did you factor in these changes when building out the app? Will you be continuing to update its features as that evolves?

We always planned to have a forum where users could ask for advice from our Fashion Contributors. It’s been on our roadmap for a long time, but as it required Contributors to respond, it was a lot of work, and we weren’t sure how effective it would be. With the emergence of Generative AI it allowed us to launch knowing that anyone who asks a question will get an immediate answer, so even if it takes a while for a Contributor to respond, we’ve satisfied that instant response. We also have a huge amount of data about our users, so that lends itself perfectly to generative AI as we can not only give them a response but we can consider that data to make it highly personalised.

You already have phase two planned out, but whats next on your radar?

The more we dive into AI, the more use cases we discover and there are so many things we want to introduce. One example is that with the data we have about our users hair, eyes and skin colours we can determine their colour season – a framework used commonly in styling to determine the most complimentary colours. We can now ask “Given my colours, what colour season would I be” on behalf of each user, and we’ll soon be adding that to their profile. That then allows us to match them with others so they can get relevant inspiration from a colour perspective.

What do you think is the broader potential for this tech in retail?

There’s a huge amount of inefficiency in fashion which results in a lot of clothing being produced and not sold, sold and returned, or kept and unworn. AI will be able to help fashion as a whole deliver more personalised recommendations, and references to help consumers buy better, and manage their stock which will be a huge win for the industry, consumers and the environment.

About the Author: Rosalea Catterson

Rosalea is the Editor of Power Retail. With a keen interest in consumer behaviour and tech, she covers everything ecommerce and hosts the Power Retail Power Talks Podcast.

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  1. Kizi Mizi Free November 29, 2023 at 1:04 AM - Reply

    Move over, fairy godmother! Mys Tyler’s AI Stylist is the new fashion genie granting all our style wishes. It’s like having a personal stylist in my pocket, but without the drama of a magic pumpkin. Kudos to the Mys Tyler team for bringing together fashion expertise and AI wizardry. Can’t wait for Phase Two – dressing up with a touch of tech magic!

  2. mario games November 29, 2023 at 8:43 PM - Reply

    This application is very good. I have always wished for such an application to appear to make my online shopping easier. So excited!

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