Naked Wines Opens Up About Its Customer Service Strategy

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By Published On: January 24, 20192 Comments

Naked Wines is disrupting the wine industry by bridging the gap between winemaker and customer, but as it turns out, it’s also re-thinking what it means to provide good customer service in the online space.

Solving today’s issues isn’t enough for online wine retailer Naked Wines, as the company’s Managing Director, Greg Banbury believes the only way to keep your customers truly happy is by solving tomorrow’s problems, today.

“We train our service team with a five steps to five-star service structure that takes an empathetic approach with all contacts, whether written or spoken. Starting with empathy means we’re able to quickly understand the ‘why’ of all customer issues, so we can solve all inquiries not only for today but also for the future,” Banbury tells Power Retail.

However, despite having a proactive approach to customer service, Naked Wines was still struggling to provide the high-levels of service it wanted to in its call centres, which are a large part of the company’s business model. To solve this issue, the wine retailer decided to migrate its call centre’s tech to a different solution provider.

“We had limited visibility of call queues and average tech service, as well as poor reporting capabilities,” Banbury says. “This led to things being missed, calls not being handled in a logical way and high numbers of dropped calls,” he continues.

As such, the business wanted to find a way to improve overall levels of customer service in its call centre, gain more control and find a system that was easy-to-use. After a period of investigation, Naked Wines eventually ended up partnering with Natterbox, a UK-based telecommunications company.

Before making the switch, Banbury says its service team were losing 20-30 percent of its total calls each day. After designing and implementing a new call policy, this figure dropped to a consistent three percent. “Another significant improvement was a drop in wait times, with times decreasing from about 60 seconds to an average of 20 to 30 seconds. On better performing days we see even greater reductions to only about ten to 15 seconds.”

According to Banbury, he’s happy with the results the business has achieved so far, but while the call centre’s approach to customer service will only need to be maintained in the foreseeable future, further work is required to improve each customer’s overall journey.

“Moving forward, the user journey will need to develop further around optimised and customisable reporting, in order for us to make the best decisions on the most accurate data,” he says.

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  1. Steven P January 25, 2019 at 7:16 PM - Reply

    Good customer service is vastly under-rated by many retailers. Well done Naked Wines.

  2. J. Upton July 1, 2019 at 7:56 PM - Reply

    Where is the box of wine I have paid for over a week ago.
    This is very disappointing.

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