Neto Acquired by Maropost for $60M

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Maropost has acquired Neto for $60 million and considerations to further develop and harness business solutions for online retailers and wholesalers to scale and grow.

The e-commerce platform is currently being used by more than 3,000 retailers worldwide.

Maropost is one of the fastest-growing marketing automation platforms in North America and works with companies including Mercedes-Benz,, The New York Post and BioTrust.

The acquisition will combine Neto’s expertise in managing portions and scaling businesses with Maropost’s business solutions, marketing and email automation and customer acquisition.

“Neto has the tools businesses need to manage operations, grow customer relationships and sell everywhere,” explained Ryan Murtagh, the Founder of Neto.

“Maropost’s expertise is in innovative solutions in audience engagement, customer acquisition and sales growth through marketing and email automation. Our combined functionality will provide enormous value for businesses of all sizes.”

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Maropost has acquired Neto for $60 million | Via Maropost

Maropost’s new venture aims to help online retailers further scale and centralise product data, inventory and sales orders. The pairing offers a ‘natural synergy’, and will drive merged solutions to help businesses scale online, the Chairman and CEO of Maropost explained.

“Maropost has enabled hundreds of companies from Mid Market to Fortune 100 to grow by helping them scale their email and mobile campaigns to over a billion messages per month without friction,” he said.

“With our merged capabilities, we’ll be able to provide solutions to more companies that want to grow rapidly by managing every aspect of their business from a single platform.”

Te companies shared the news on social media platforms, sharing a mutual excitement for sharing the visions of the two businesses.

“The acquisition of Neto by Maropost sees the combination of two companies with a shared vision of removing business complexity through a unified solution,” Neto shared on Facebook. “We’re excited to be working as part of the Maropost team to continue to deliver value for Neto customers and businesses of all sizes.”

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