The New Footwear E-Tailer Set to Launch Before Christmas

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Former Brand and Marketing Manager of Wanted Shoes, Jennifer Christodoulou is bringing a new online shoe business to market, just in time for Christmas.

Footwear brand, Covet Shoes is set to hit the Australian e-commerce scene in the lead up to Christmas, with its founder, Christodoulou saying the business will draw on Australian trends while bringing to life the customer service standards she grew up with in Canada. “Service is something that’s very important to me, so I will strive to provide this to each and every customer personally,” she says.

“Covet Shoes represents everything I’ve learned over my many years in the shoe industry. It’s a brand for girls who want fashionable and wearable shoes at an affordable price. I want our girls to be able to confidently walk around in their heels all day and night and I want them to love every pair because they find they go with everything,” she tells Power Retail.

The brand will reportedly specialise in shoes that have been designed in Australia and then produced in China with vegan materials. She also says that Covet Shoes will offer a range of delivery options and an easy return service.

“I’m aiming to launch on Monday December, 10. For the launch, there will be exclusive access to the hundreds of girls who’ve been supporting Covet from the start and who have registered to have a VIP first look,” Christodoulou explains.

This means that at launch the site will initially only be accessible to users who have registered to have a VIP ‘first look’. To get the password, Christodoulou says users have to register at prior to launch.

According to the company’s founder, creating a strong community for women who share a love of fashion played an important role in the development of the business’s brand. “I wanted not only to sell shoes but to build a community of girls who love shoes, who are confident in themselves, have kind hearts and support one another. I want everyone to feel inspired by us and by each other, so they can inspire others,” she explains.

Establishing brand awareness and ensuring customer satisfaction are two of the things Christodoulou says will be her primary focus to begin with, while she looks to build up an internal team of passionate individuals that can help Covet Shoes realise its long-term goals. “Short-term goals are brand awareness and customer satisfaction. I want to build a loyal following that leaves girls with an impression that will make them want to come back,” she says. “My long-term goal is to build a strong team. As an entrepreneur, it’s expected of you to do everything, however, I really value specialisation and would like to hire like-minded people in their field of expertise to help grow Covet Shoes to the next level.”

So, what does the future of Covet Shoes look like? According to Christodoulou, it will be a well-known Australian brand. “Five years from now Covet Shoes will be a household name, at least in Australia and also hopefully in a fair few households globally. Is this realistic? I think anything is possible if you work hard enough and prepare.”

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