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The organisers of the Retail Global Conference are collaborating on a new event called Blockchain APAC to shed light on the opportunities for business. No, it’s not about crypto.

Steve Vallas, founder of Honey Digital, has launched a new venture in partnership with Retail Global called Blockchain APAC.

The one-day initiative will be held in Melbourne on August 29, and promises 30+ speakers with over 500 delegates. So what is this particular event focused on?

“It’s the start of the conversation,” says Vallas. “Whilst there is no shortage of blockchain events what I’m trying to do here is bring a community together. It’s a deliberate attempt to expose those who are building and to bring them into the room with influencers and decision makers. To connect aspirants with those tasked with investigating how the technology may work in organisations.”

Blockchain is one of the hottest topics in tech right now, with the surge in interest in cryptocurrency shining the spotlight on the technology framework. However, with the much-publicised volatility of Bitcoin and other currencies polarising business opinions as to its feasibility, blockchain has been the subject of derision. According to Vallas, that’s an assessment that’s not warranted, and e-commerce professionals would do well to take note of blockchain’s applications within their world.

“There are many misconceptions about what blockchain is or isn’t,” says Vallas. “Crypto has dominated conversations. It’s been the use case that’s been most identifiable for many dipping their toe in the space. That conversation is maturing. In e-commerce, there’s no area that won’t be touched. Think about pricing, payment, data, provenance, identification, supply chain and logistics. All benefit from better data, more information and tools that create greater speed and accuracy. It’s a game changer.”

Blockchain APAC has drawn the interest of some of Australia and the world’s biggest tech and finance brands, according to Vallas, with representation from Optus, IBM, Deloitte, NAB, ANZ, Alibaba, RMIT, Melbourne University and Austrade at the inaugural event.

“We’re telling the best stories in the Australian blockchain space,” claims Vallas. “We’re introducing to a wider audience those who are building Web 3.0. Companies need to be part of the conversation. Individuals need to know that it is overwhelming but the path will clear over time.

“This technology won’t follow the path of those that came before. The open source and collaborative nature of the information sharing that makes it work will require partnerships to be formed. There is no go it alone strategy that works here.”

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