New Research Reveals Insights Into What Instagram Can Do For Small Business

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Instagram has just released intriguing data for small and medium-sized business owners in terms of their growing ability to reach their forever Instagramming young Australian customers via their platform.

A recent survey completed by Instagram revealed that Australians between 18 and 34 are increasingly using the platform to find businesses, products and services. They discovered that of the 1,117 young Australians surveyed, 67 percent say Instagram helps them discover new products, businesses or services. With almost half (44 percent) then purchasing something they have seen, the research shows that Instagram is becoming a viable e-commerce platform to be taken advantage of.

Young Australians were found to believe that the social media platform gives small businesses an opportunity to thrive, as it is a destination for consumers to discover and then buy. Through businesses being able to upload aesthetically pleasing and real world product images and videos, it was found that as a small business you can turn inspiration into the action of your customers. A high 66 percent of those surveyed are following a local small business on Instagram, and one in four Australian businesses receive interaction on the platform daily. The survey revealed that user-generated content is one of the best ways for small Australian businesses to be discovered, as Instagrammers not only love being able to find small businesses they would not have otherwise known existed but also love to post about it. Not only that but of those surveyed, 42 percent think more positively of businesses or products that have an Instagram profile.

Included in the research was a survey of 101 Instagram business users from small and medium-sized enterprises about their view on Instagram as not just a social platform but also a business platform. With 63 percent of business owners surveyed agreeing that the platform has helped them increase sales, Instagram is allowing small businesses to reach thousands of potential customers with little to no cost.

The world of social media influence is constantly evolving, too fast for many retailers to keep pace. More and more, Instagram is an integral tool for businesses to connect with their audiences. The research here shows how an increasing number of Instagram users are extending beyond social interactions to find businesses, products and services. It’s imperative for e-commerce retailers to tap this critical channel for strategic benefit.

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