Apple Announces iPad Mini Alongside Host of New Products

The iPad Mini wasn’t the only new Apple product announced last night. Not only were new iMacs and Macbook Pros revealed, so was a new iPad – mere months after its last update.

On the 11th anniversary of Apple‘s game-changing music player, the iPod, a new line up of products have been announced.

While some of the changes may come as a surprise, many of Apple’s followers will be more shocked by the lack of any revolutionary inclusions, with the iPad Mini already being described as ‘just a smaller iPad’.

The Mini features a 7.9-inch display that preserves the resolution of its larger predecessor, at 1024 by 768 pixels (no Retina Display, unfortunately). Its dual-core A5 processor is identical to that found in the iPad 2, and it comes in a choice of 3G/4G or Wi-Fi only models with three different capacity options.

For many consumers, the Apple price tag may still run a little steep, with the entry iPad Mini model priced at $369. Previous to release, many believed Apple would go after the equivalent seven inch tablet prices, which are about $100 less again. At this point, it’s too early to tell if this device is tempting enough to increase the number of tablet consumers – an outcome that would please most digital marketers.

For those that were hoping for more from Apple, the good news is that there is more, even if it is a little unexpected. Just seven months since the iPad 3 was announced, Apple has unveiled the next iteration of the device with the iPad 4.

This device has had its performance boosted with a faster dual-core A6X processor and quad-core graphics, but the real reason behind the refresh can be found in the addition of the lightning connector, which has been quickly rolled out throughout Apple’s range.

Even better, Apple also announced new iMac and Macbook Pro 13-inch models, so there’s bound to be continued discussion regarding their various pros and cons for some time to come.

At a time when Apple’s position looks vaguely threatened by competitors like Google and Samsung, announcing an entire host of new products may have been the best thing the tech giant could do. Whether or not the push is powerful enough to cement its leadership position is yet to be seen, at the very least it will keep everyone speculating.

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  1. Chris Hogan says:

    I’d go the iPad mini as a smartphone if it allowed it. C’mon Apple… why didn’t you think of that?

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