Appliances Online Opens Sydney Clearance Outlet

Located in Sydney’s western suburbs, Appliances Online has announced its first bricks-and-mortar experiment in the form of a clearance outlet.

Pureplay retail brand Appliances Online is now offering customers a chance to physically interact with items, as well as offering a chance to purchase at reduced prices, from a new clearance outlet in Auburn, NSW.

As such, it’s the first physical shopfront opening for the online retailer, in which the brand plans to stock with clearance and returned-as-new items with deep discounts – some items at over 40 percent off.

Peter Harris, COO for Appliances Online says the decision to open a clearance outlet was driven by the brand’s need to deliver the best possible choice and value to its customers.

Appliances Online

The new Appliances Online clearance outlet in situ.

“Our customers are happy with online shopping, but the new Appliances Online Clearance Outlet caters for a segment of the market that also likes to see products in the flesh before making a purchase,” Harris said.

Although Appliances Online aims to price all of its competitively, the model largely prioritises customer service above rock-bottom bargains. However, by leveraging its returns, as well as the excess stock derived from elsewhere in the Winning Group’s network of retail brands, the clearance outlet is able to offer a high level of customer service as well as some very respectable prices for kitchen and household appliances.

“The growth of the clearance space shows a real interest and demand from Australians in value and bargains. This store enables Appliances Online to enter and compete in that space, and bring our legendary service to a new market,” Harris said.

The store is scheduled to remain open seven days a week from 9am to 5pm on Level 2, 242 Parramatta Road, Auburn NSW.

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