Boxing Day Spike in Online Sales

The post-Christmas sales period seems to have been successful for Australian online retailers, as ChannelAdvisor data reveals a spike in Boxing Day Sales.

Just as the Australian Retailers Association predicted, local online retailers experienced a very positive surge in sales on Boxing Day 2012, with ChannelAdvisor having just released supporting data.

While many people chose to brave the crowds at shopping centres across the country, others preferred to shop from the comfort of their couches, browsing laptops, smartphones and tablets for a quick bargain.

ChannelAdvisor’s Boxing Day Highlights:

  • eBay sales rose 48% this Boxing Day compared to the previous year
  • Australian post-Christmas shopping behaviour continued, as sales rose by as much as 20% from December 27 – January 8.
  • Sales attributed to consumers using comparison shopping websites gained 40% on Boxing Day

Following a lacklustre retailing trade period in November last year, perhaps an energetic post-Christmas sales period will have started the ball rolling once again. Of course, the successes of online retailers don’t often translate into success for the entire local industry.

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