Facebook Introduces Marketplace. Make Space eBay.

Facebook looks to take on selling platform leaders like eBay and Craiglist with its new app feature Marketplace, that allows users to buy and sell items within their community.

As of today Facebook has rolled out its new Marketplace feature. Facebook users can use Marketplace to list items they’d like to sell or would like to buy within their group of friends and networks.

eBay and Craigslist are worthy competitors within the classified listing space, with each proving to be dominant and resilient players in the world of e-Commerce, despite competition from numerous rivals over the years and rapid changes in technology.

Facebook’s monthly 1.7 billion users poses a sizeable threat to take some of these giants market share.

Facebook’s Marketplace allows users to list anything they like, including everyday items, such as books, DVDs, clothing and electrical products, to larger items like furniture, cars and pets. Users can use the new app feature to even land their dream job, or perhaps find a new flatmate with the right credentials.

Facebook users can basically create a listing for anything, with the advantage over platforms like eBay, being that purchasers can easily track connections within their network. This means that if you want to buy last season’s Burberry coat from ‘Susie White’, you can ask a mutual friend if she’s the type who lets her cat drool all over her clothing.

facebook marketplace

Users can browse items on Marketplace through photos of items listed for sale or via categories Facebook has created. When users find something of interest, they can tap on the image to see more details from the seller, including a product description, the name and profile photo of the seller, and their general location. The item can also be saved to find it later.

Once users find an item they want, they can make an offer directly to the seller and work out the details themselves from there on. Facebook doesn’t facilitate the payment or delivery of items listed in Marketplace.

The social media giant says it created the new feature because 450 million people around the globe buy and sell things to each other every month. This platform will allow people to tap into their own network in a more organised way, with closer proximity, and it’s free.

Facebook will allow its users to have full control over their privacy settings and the privacy of their listings.

Marketplace is only available via the mobile app for now, with a roll out of the PC version expected in a few months time. A new tab will appear on the app in a few days time for every Facebook user over the age of 18 in Australia, New Zealand, the US and the UK.

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