Further Consolidation in Global Tech as IBM Buys Silverpop

IBM’s recent purchase of Silverpop follows a string of similar transactions as big tech companies snap up the latest marketing automation softwares.

Over the years, IBM has acquired a number of marketing solutions and platforms, but with the announcement of a deal to purchase Atlanta-based Silverpop, the tech giant’s marketing clout may be about to peak.

While the terms of the acquisition for the privately-held Silverpop have not been detailed, we only have to look at Oracle’s recent purchase of Responsys or Salesforce’s purchase of ExactTarget ($1.5 and $2.5 billion respectively) to get a rough idea of what may be on the table.

IBM’s VP of Enterprise Marketing Management, Kevin Bishop says the acquisition of Silverpop gives IBM better campaign automation for B2B communications.

“Silverpop extends our footprint into smaller organizations, departments, and more of a business-to-business focus, not just business-to-consumer, although Silverpop is strong in both areas,” he told InformationWeek in a recent interview.

“Combined with the power of IBM’s portfolio and worldwide partner ecosystem, we can advance our mission to help organizations build customer relationships one at a time on an even grander scale,” said Bill Nussey, Silverpop’s CEO, in a statement.


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