Kathmandu Social Media Charity Campaign Underway

By Rory Betteridge | 29 Sep 2015

Kathmandu is handing out discounts on purchases in exchange for donating second-hand clothes to charity, in a collaboration with the Australian Red Cross.

Kathmandu‘s #TradeForNew initiative has Kathmandu stores in Australia and New Zealand collecting pre-loved adventure gear for the Red Cross, saving good clothing from landfill and generating sorely needed stock for the charity. The items donated will then be funneled through to Red Cross stores region-wide, profits from which fund domestic and international disaster relief.

“At Kathmandu we are dedicated to encouraging all Australians to tread lightly, and tread with purpose, in everything they do,” said Kathmandu Community Coordinator Lindsay Tallott. “Trade For New brings both goals together, and allows us to really champion the great work done by Red Cross, both here in Australia and overseas.”

As a partner of both the Australian and New Zealand branches of the Red Cross, Kathmandu provides financial and material assistance in the aid body’s disaster relief and humanitarian efforts. Since signing on with Red Cross, the company’s efforts have helped fuel responses to the 2011 Christchurch earthquake, the 2011 Queensland floods, bushfires in Tasmania in 2012 and New South Wales in 2014, Tropical Cyclone Ian in Tonga last year, and the earthquake in Nepal earlier this year.

To participate, Kathmandu shoppers can bring their second-hand gear to any Kathmandu store during spring and receive a 10-percent-off voucher for their next purchase, valid until November 1. Stores will accept any jackets and fleece products, not just Kathmandu merchandise.

The new initiative comes as Kathmandu announces its withdrawal from the British market. News Ltd reports that the company is abandoning earlier plans to expand into Europe, and will instead focus on its presence in Australia.


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