Mobile Sales Account For Over A Third Of Affiliate Sales

By Rory Betteridge | 09 Feb 2015

Recent trends from the US and UK suggest that over a third of sales generated by an affiliate network last month were made on a mobile device.

Affiliate Window, an affiliate network that operates in the US and UK, has released figures suggesting that 36 percent of all sales made possible by its networks in the month of January took place on a smartphone or tablet, as reported by Internet Retailer. This compares favourably with the 25 percent of all online retail sales over the holiday season.

Affiliate Window’s data contains a host of other interesting information:

  • Matching December figures, about 44 percent of traffic came from mobile devices, peaking at times through the month at over 50 percent. Smartphones accounted for 22 percent of total traffic.
  • 36 percent of sales took place on mobile devices, with 15 percent coming from smartphones. This represents a slight drop on December figures of 37 and 16 percent respectively.
  • 26 percent of all smartphone traffic and sales originated from an Android smartphone. Android tablets were responsible for 44 percent of tablet traffic and 25 percent of sales.
  • While mobile traffic conversion rates of 3.74 percent are lower than the unusually high 4.92 percent last December, the average order value had risen from $96 to $102.
  • iPad shoppers converted at a higher rate than Android tablet users, and also had a consistently higher order value.

Affiliate Window reports that a total of 34,600 sales originated from a mobile device through its networks in the month of January, with 14,500 through smartphones. The company added that 642 clicks originated from a mobile device every minute.

Figures like these only highlight the growing importance a mobile device should have for a retailer. Shifting technology standards and growing adoption rates are drawing more retailers’ attention to the mobile device as a sales channel, giving way for more immersive and comprehensive mobile sales offerings. Smartphones and tablets, if not already, are fast becoming a channel retailers can no longer ignore.

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