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Natasha Sholl By Natasha Sholl | 16 Apr 2019

With sustainability making its way onto consumers’ wish lists, THE ICONIC introduces a new way for consumers to shop consciously.

THE ICONIC has introduced a new way for consumers to shop consciously, with the launch of Considered. Using THE ICONIC’s five ‘Sustainability Credentials’, shoppers can filter and find products that align with their personal values. “Everyone and every business is responsible for recognising their social and environmental responsibility, but we at THE ICONIC don’t want to do what is just acceptable, we want to lead the way,” said Erica Berchtold, CEO of THE ICONIC. “As a retailer, we have an important role in providing our customers with a wide and accessible assortment that empowers them to make conscious purchasing decisions.” Berchtold says that while this is a “big step” for the brand, there is more to be done. “While we have made important progress to date, our responsibility is multifaceted and we are humble enough to know that this is a journey and we still have much work to do. Considered is only the beginning of our commitment and we’re excited to accelerate for further progress,” she explained. “Sustainability means different things to different people, and for many, understanding this space and its complexities can be overwhelming,” says Jaana Quaintance-James, Head of Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing at THE ICONIC. “By simplifying sustainability credentials into five easy to understand categories, our customers now have the ability to shop by what’s important to them. Concerned about climate change? Shop Eco-Production. Animal person? Shop Animal Friendly. Want to have a positive impact on society when you shop? Shop Community Engagement.” Sustainability is becoming a huge area for retailers, with consumers demanding more transparency when it comes to all elements of how their products are made. “The word sustainability is thrown around by many retailers and can mean a number of different things. It can mean anything from sourcing goods in a sustainable way, to paying labourers appropriate rates of pay, or developing and growing materials in a manner that does not impact negatively on the future of the environment,” explains Rosalyn Gladwin, Principal at Gladwin Legal. For this reason, Gladwin recommends that it’s essential to keep up-to-date with market practice when it comes to sustainability as well as having in-built measures of accountability for those engaging other businesses.
The launch is a milestone in the company’s 2020 Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing Strategy and aims to debunk the misconception that sustainable fashion is expensive, unfashionable or inaccessible. To be a part of Considered means the product is made using at least one material or process that is “better for humans, animals or the environment than conventional alternatives”, or is from a brand that’s making contributions to the community. Shoppers refine their selection by the Sustainability credential(s) of their choice using a filter system in the same way they would normally search by brand, colour or product. The range launches with 6,400 products tagged with sustainability credentials across 300 brands, a number which is expected to grow to over 10,000 products in the short term. Never miss our best stories. Sign up for Power Retail’s free weekly newsletter and find our daily stories on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.

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