Woolworths Launches Airport Grocery Collection Service at Tullamarine

Woolworths has just unveiled its new click and collect location in Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport, allowing consumers to organise groceries for the ride home.

Australian multichannel supermarket chain Woolworths has announced the launch of the nation’s first airport grocery collections service at Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport, which it claims will save busy travellers time by providing an easy means to refilling their fridge on their way home.

Kate Langford, Head of Online Business Development for Woolworths Supermarkets, said that the brand recognised the consumer need following a holiday away.

“We know that going to the supermarket after a family holiday, business trip or long day of travel can be a chore for many customers,” she said. “This service is a new way that we can help to make our customers’ lives that little bit easier by giving them a very convenient way to shop.”

With the use of the Woolworths app, or the brand’s online store, customers are now able to place an order with the Melbourne Airport location in time for collection after disembarking their inbound flight.

“Our customers are increasingly embracing online and mobile platforms as a convenient and hassle free way to shop. The addition of Melbourne Airport to our already extensive click&collect service means that our customers can collect their groceries as soon as they walk out of the airport saving them time and allowing them to get home sooner.”

The company indicates that they chose Melbourne’s Tullamarine airport as the site of this new service because it’s not only the second busiest airport in the country, but also because the Sydney to Melbourne route is the fourth busiest route in the world.

“With approximately 80,000 passengers travelling through Melbourne Airport every day, we know the Woolworths airport click&collect service will appeal to many busy travellers,” said Chris Woodruff, CEO for Melbourne Airport. “In addition, the new service will provide a convenient way for the more than 14,000 people who work on the Melbourne Airport precinct to complete their grocery shopping.”

The ‘click&collect’ service has been set up in Melbourne Airport’s terminal forecourt allowing our customers to collect their groceries after they step off the plane. Customers can order their groceries up to seven days in advance and request to pick them up via click&collect at Melbourne Airport when they shop online or via the Woolworths app.

The addition of this new service means Woolworths is now able to provide customers with four convenient methods of collecting groceries, including direct deliveries, collect from store and drive-through options at selected outlets.



5 thoughts on “Woolworths Launches Airport Grocery Collection Service at Tullamarine”

  1. Graham says:

    Hopefully the airport will not be littered with shopping trolleys . . .

  2. Karen Lurati says:

    awesome idea!

  3. Pretty interesting concept… just not too sure whether it’s so smart having to carry groceries all the way home form airport along with my luggage.

  4. Mark Freidin says:

    Agree with Anfernee, you have your hands full, with suitcase and hand luggage. How do you carry the groceries to the airport bus or your taxi? This aside, the concept is smart.

  5. Ralph Quito says:

    Campbell Phillips thank you for sharing! What a lovely article and the photos are amazing too! I love how you put together these information on “Woolworths Launches Airport Grocery Collection Service at Tullamarine”. Easy to read, very relatable and great tips! Can’t wait to read more!

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