Nimblewear Activewear’s Clever Approach to CX

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Since its inception in 2014, the activewear and accessories company has created a wellness hub that’s redefining what it means to provide an engaging customer experience.

Nimblewear Activewear opened the doors to its first bricks-and-mortar store in Sydney almost three years ago, at a time when omnichannel shopping was still in its infancy. Now, the company is celebrating the first birthday of its second store in Melbourne’s Armadale.

What makes the company’s bricks-and-mortar success particularly notable, however, isn’t the company’s success at bridging the gap between its online and offline sales channels, but rather its ability to revolutionise what a good customer experience looks like.

Speaking of their success, best friends and co-founder’s, Vera Yan and Katia Santilli say their annual turnover of $5 million is a testament to the effectiveness of their community events.

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“At our core, we’re a brand that wants to not only provide women with high-quality products but help them embrace themselves and their wellbeing. The popularity of our community events is a testament to this,” Santilli says.

In the last 12-months, Nimblewear Activewear has reportedly attracted more than 2,000 women to its community events and workshops, which are all centred around the concept of health and wellbeing.

Some of the company’s most recent events include a yoga class led by Lola Berry, which raised funds for Nimblewear’s charity partner, i=Change and a gut and brain workshop led by nutritionist, Liv Kaplan.

“Yes our retail stores are important sales-wise, but they’re also a place to connect with our community and join them on their wellness journey,” says Yan. “Several of our head office team members also work in our retail stores as it’s an invaluable way to gather instant customer feedback so we can continually improve our offering.”

Moving forward, the company plans to continue improving its online offering, while also expanding its network of physical shop fronts, as it strives to educate and inspire more Australian women.

Meeting Changing Consumer Expectations

Nimblewear Activewear is the perfect example of how to address the shift in consumer expectations that has left a number of Australian businesses racing to meet rising demand for a more engaging customer experience.

Recent research by BigCommerce has highlighted the importance of providing customers with a seamless online/offline shopping experience through a more personalised approach to traditional retail.

In its 2018 Omnichannel Buying Report, BigCommerce found that 48 percent of consumers research products online before making a purchase in-store, with Aussie consumers responding positively to marketing campaigns and events.

This data is in-line with other research studies into the shopping habits of Australian consumers, with Pitney Bowes’ latest global e-commerce study also finding that specific brands influence purchasing behaviour, as well as Australians favouring local merchants over international ones.

Nimblewear Activewear is targeting this new generation of female shopper by immersing its customers in its local brand through fitness sessions and workshops. By advertising its events through its online channels, the company is able to capture the attention of shoppers during their research stage, before drawing them in-store to make them feel like part of a broader community. In doing so, Nimblewear Activewear has created a tribe of loyal shoppers that connect with the brand on a more personal level, and are more likely to make regular purchases.

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