H&M’s Millennial Brand Looks to Influencers for Consumer Data

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H&M’s millennial-centric brand, Nyden, has hit the ground running, using Instagram polls and influencer marketing to find out what its target audience really wants.

When the embattled Swedish fashion giant launched Nyden four months ago, it made one thing very clear; fashion designers are out, influencers are in. In its latest campaign, Nyden is turning to youth-oriented stars to help it gather the consumer data it needs to design its clothing.

Nyden has reportedly enlisted the help of the Founder of the Blonde Collective blog, Ashley Guyatt and the Senior Editor at Refinery29, Alyssa Coscarelli to help collect consumer preferences through Instagram Stories.

Nyden influencer campaigns

Nyden is challenging the way retailers design clothing.

Over the past two weeks, the participating influencers took to Instagram to use its polling tool to find out what their followers prefer when it comes to design elements like fabric prints, and zippers versus buttons.

The data collected by the clothing e-tailer and its recruited influencers will help the company design two dresses for its upcoming collection. Nyden’s co-founder, Christopher Skogfeldt says these dresses will be available on the company’s website soon.

“We want to show that the power of design lies in the hands of the people, not necessarily just designers sitting in their showroom in Paris,” Skogfeldt told Glossy Magazine.

In the past few months, Nyden has also worked with other prominent influencers, including the likes of German soccer defender, Jérôme Boateng and British-Albanian singer, Dua Lipa.

H&M has had a tough run in recent months, as it struggles to balance out its stock levels, blaming its poor Q2 results on its $4 billion of excess stock. The company has also admitted it was late to the e-commerce party, and that it’s realised it needs to “transform and re-think faster” if it wants to remain relevant.

Skogfeldt says Nyden is the company’s chance to do this. Although, he also adds that while the two businesses share production facilities, Nyden operates independently and is well-positioned to help steer H&M in a more forward-thinking direction.

“We try to reinvent product development and everything around the company,” he said. “Hopefully, we can also inspire people at H&M to look at how a fashion brand can operate in a very humble way.

Nyden isn’t the only fashion brand taking advantage of influencers to help market and steer the creative direction of its lines, as Princess Polly has also forayed into influencer marketing.

Princess Polly Influencer marketing

Princess Polly collaborates with social media influencers.

In May, the fashion e-tailer launched a new collection in collaboration with YouTube star, Sammy Robinson. The company joined forces with the young social media sensation after it experienced success with its first influencer collection with Australian IT girl, Cartia Mallan.

Multichannel lingerie brand, Bras N Things has also used influencer marketing in the past, with the launch of its ‘Body Bliss’ range in 2016. The product launch reached more than 1.77 million followers, achieving better-than-expected results. Within three days of releasing the range, with the help of Australian models and influencers, Tahnee Atkinson, Samantha Harris, Steph Smith, Natalie Roser, and Bianca Cheah, Bras N Things amassed more than $1 million in sales.

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