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New York Fashion Week is in full swing, with designers like Jeremy Scott, Carolina Herrerra and Savage x Fenty showcasing the next big thing for A/W 2020.

The latter, owned by superstar Rihanna, changed up the rules this year by banning all photos of the 40-minute runway event. Only those who were members of the Amazon loyalty program have the opportunity to witness the latest collection by the singer and fashion designer. The line will also be available exclusively on Amazon Fashion.

Onlookers at the physical show were not allowed to use their phones, and no photos will be permitted unless stated by Rihanna herself (which can only be of the red carpet). Moreover, guests were asked to bring a photo ID to the event and had to pass through secure bag checks upon arrival.

The catch? The entire runway show will be broadcast exclusively on Amazon Prime Video on September 20th. Only those who have access to the loyalty program will be able to watch the star-studded show, as well as a behind-the-scenes video of the show’s set up and plan.

“Rihanna has conquered the worlds of music, film, beauty and fashion. She has reinvented the idea of what fashionable lingerie should be for a global customer. The brand authentically reflects empowering statements of inclusivity, body positivity and fun. The Savage x Fenty show promises to be a ground-breaking and truly unique experience, and we’re thrilled to give our global customers an exclusive front-row seat,” explained Jennifer Salke, Head of Amazon Studios.

Savage X Fenty RTW Spring 2020

Is This The Future of Fashion?

It’s not the first time a fashion show was shown exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. The streaming service has showcased exclusive performances by Taylor Swift and Dua Lipa for Amazon Prime Day. There are a few benefits of hosting a runway show on a unique platform:

  • Creates a sense of urgency

    Anyone who is a fan of Rihanna will jump at the chance to see the runway show with their own eyes so that they will apply for membership straight away.

  • Boosts Amazon Prime’s loyalty program numbers

    With the sense of urgency comes higher loyalty numbers for Amazon Prime. Although these numbers will no doubt drop after the show, a few will remain after they see the other shows available to stream.

  • Extra publicity for the brand

    NYFW is the event where a myriad of designers will compete with each other to catch the spotlight. While most designers will use celebrities and diverse body sizes to capture attention, using an exclusive streaming service truly pulls a brand out from the rest.

Exclusivity is a hot topic for those in retail. Aside from the inclusivity, retailers should focus on to keep its audience (i.e. CX), can exclusivity work well to capture the market? Exclusivity, such as Rihanna’s initiative, can increase loyalty amongst her fans – only those who genuinely wish to see the latest goods will sign up for the runway show. Of course, this presents a few problems. If someone can’t afford to pay for Prime membership, are they loyal?

This Prime Video exclusive also sets Savage x Fenty apart from the rest. This brand is now reaching new heights and breaking the glass ceiling of NYFW; introducing us to a new way to shop. Just like Victoria’s Secret (before it was axed this year), those who wanted to watch the show could only watch on ABC, two weeks after it was filmed. Rihanna takes this one step further – you have to pay to witness the event.

While this initiative works for some cases, it’s safe to say that the more brands take this on board, the less likely they are to capture the audience’s attention. So, where does this leave the retailer? Finding exclusive offers is the way to go if you want to stand out amongst the competition. Think big, collaborate with other brands and keep the details of your product launches under lock and key.

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